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Ukrainian Agency of Copyright and Related Rights
Українське агентство з авторських та суміжних прав
UACRR logo.jpg
Abbreviation UACRR
Type Collective management organization

UACRR (Ukrainian Agency of Copyright and Related Rights) is a collective rights management organization in Ukraine. UACRR administers public performance rights, mechanical recording and reproduction rights, and dramatic rights. UACRR has been a member of CISAC (International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers) since 2001. UACRR is the only internationally recognized Ukrainian collecting society. It represents more than 6 thousand Ukrainian authors; more than 2.5 million foreign authors are represented due to reciprocal representation contracts concluded between UACRR and authors' societies worldwide. Thus, UACRR has the biggest music catalogue in Ukraine.

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