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UAE Drones for Good is an annual international competition and award by the government of the United Arab Emirates to encourage useful and positive applications for drone technology. It offers a $1 million award for the international competition and UAE Dhs1 million award for the UAE competition.[1]

The award was launched at the UAE Government Summit 2014.[2] The first 2015 award was contested by more than 800 entries from 57 countries including MIT's 'Waterfly' collaborative drone 'swarms'.[3][4] The finalists included Spanish company CATUAV for a drone fitted with optical sensors to scan war-affected regions of Bosnia and Herzegovina for landmines buried during the 1990s.[5][6][7][8] The eventual winner was Swiss group Flyability with a search and rescue Gimball drone.[9] The 2016 competition awarded Loon Copter's sea-hybrid UAV in February 2017.[10]


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