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The UBC Fisheries Centre or UBC Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries (IOF) is a research institute at the University of British Columbia. It contributes to a transformative global shift toward sustainable coastal ecosystems, oceans and fisheries. It brings together a community of Canadian and international experts in ocean and freshwater species, systems, economics, and issues—and provides new insights into how our marine systems function, and the impacts of human activity on those systems. It promotes multidisciplinary study of aquatic ecosystems and broad-based collaboration with maritime communities, government, NGOs and other partners.

The UBC Fisheries Centre was the focal point for development of the widely used Ecopath with Ecosim approach and software. It is also a member of the FishBase Consortium.

Research units[edit]

Research unit Leaders
Sea Around Us Project [1] Daniel Pauly [2]
Project Seahorse [3] Amanda Vincent [4]
Fisheries Economics Research Unit (FERU) [5] Ussif Rashid Sumaila [6]
Policy and Ecosystem Restoration in Fisheries (PERF)[7] Tony J. Pitcher [8]
Marine Mammal Research Unit [9] Andrew Trites [10]
Quantitative Modeling Group [11] Villy Christensen
Carl Walters
Murdoch McAllister[citation needed]
Aboriginal Fisheries Research Unit
NF-UBC Nereus Program[12] William Cheung
Yoshitaka Ota
Daniel Pauly [13]
Changing Ocean Research Unit [14] William Cheung
Global Ocean Modeling [15] Villy Christensen [16]


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