For Justice and Development

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For Justice and Development
Leader Faysal Ali Warabe
Founder Faysal Ali Warabe
Founded 2001
Headquarters Hargeisa
Ideology Democratic socialism,
Social democracy
Political position Centre-left
International affiliation Socialist International (observer)[1]
Parliament of Somaliland
21 / 82

For Justice and Development (Somali: Ururka Caddaalada iyo Daryeelka, UCID, Arabic: حزب العدالة والتنمية‎), also known as the Justice and Welfare Party, is the oldest political party in Somaliland, a self-declared republic that is internationally recognized as an autonomous region of Somalia.[2]


Faysal Ali Warabe, the founder and Chairman of the For Justice and Development (UCID) political party.

UCID was founded in 2001 by Somali politician Faysal Ali Warabe. He also serves as its Chairman.[3]

Based in Hargeisa, the political association came in third place in the 2003 regional elections, receiving 16% of votes.[3]

In the parliamentary elections held on 29 September 2005, the party won 26.9% of the vote and 21 out of 82 seats.

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