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The UCI Junior Track Cycling World Championships (formerly named the UCI Juniors Track World Championships before 2016) are a set of world championship events for junior riders, for the various disciplines and distances in track cycling and are regulated by the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI). In the period 2005–2009 the championships were part of the UCI Juniors World Championships.

Current events include: time trial, keirin, individual pursuit, team pursuit, points race, scratch race, sprint, team sprint, omnium and, for men only, madison. Women's events are shorter than men's.

Championships are open to riders selected by their national cycling association. They compete in the colours of their country.

The UCI awards a gold medal and a rainbow jersey to the winner and silver and bronze medals to the second and third. World champions wear their rainbow jersey until the following year's championship, but they may wear it only in the type of event in which they won it. Former champions can wear rainbow cuffs to their everyday jerseys.

World track championships are allocated to different countries each year. They are run by that country's national cycling association, although the judges are provided by the UCI.


Year Country City
1975 Switzerland Lausanne[1]
1976 Belgium Liege[1]
1977 Austria Vienna[1]
1978 United States Washington, D.C.[1]
1979 Argentina Buenos Aires[1]
1980 Mexico Mexico City[1]
1981 West Germany Leipzig[1]
1982 Italy Florence[1]
1983 New Zealand Wanganui[1]
1984 France Beuvron[1]
1985 West Germany Stuttgart[1]
1986 Morocco Casablanca[1]
1987 Italy Dalmine[1]
1988 Denmark Odense[1]
1989 Soviet Union Moscow[1]
1990 Great Britain Middlesbrough[1]
1991 United States Colorado Springs[1]
1992 Greece Athens[1]
1993 Australia Perth[1]
1994 Ecuador Quito[1]
1995 San Marino Forlì[1]
1996 Slovenia Novo Mesto[1]
1997 South Africa Cape Town[1]
1998 Cuba Havana[1]
1999 Greece Athens[1]
2000 Italy Fiorenzuola d'Arda[1]
2001 United States Trexlertown[2]
2002 Australia Melbourne[3]
2003 Russia Moscow[4]
2004 United States Los Angeles[5]
2005 Austria Vienna[6]
2006 Belgium Ghent[7]
2007 Mexico Aguascalientes[8]
2008 South Africa Cape Town[9]
2009 Russia Moscow[10]
2010 Italy Montichiari[11]
2011 Russia Moscow[12]
2012 New Zealand Invercargill[13]
2013 United Kingdom Glasgow[14]
2014 South Korea Seoul[15]
2015 Kazakhstan Astana
2016 Switzerland Aigle
2017 Italy Montichiari[16]
2018 Switzerland Aigle[17]
2019 TBD TBD
2020 Switzerland Aigle[17]


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