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UCLPartners logo.png
The UCLPartners logo
Location London, England
Care system NHS
Hospital type Academic Health Science Centre Academic Health Science Network
Founded 2009
Website http://www.uclpartners.com
Lists Hospitals in England

UCLPartners is an academic health science partnership located in London, England with over 40 higher education and NHS members. It is the largest academic health science partnership in the world, and together with its member organisations, forms a major centre of medical discovery, healthcare innovation and education. The partners come together to improve health outcomes and create wealth for a population of over six million people in north east and north central London, south and west Hertfordshire, south Bedfordshire and south west and mid Essex.

UCLPartners brings together over 100,000 health professionals and academics from hospital and university member organisations and more to work in partnership and further collaborate with patient groups, commissioners, primary care, community care, the third sector, government and industry on a portfolio of health programmes.[1]


UCLPartners is unique because it facilitates the improvement of healthcare through a range of clinical and academic designated roles:

It is aligned with:

UCLPartners is the only academic health science partnership in the United Kingdom to align these NHS and Department of Health designated roles under one umbrella.[1]



  • The Government recommended the establishment of a number of academic health science centres in the UK.[2]




  • UCLPartners officially designated as an AHSN.[8]
  • NIHR CLAHRC North Thames established.[9]


  • UCLPartners redesignated as an AHSC.[10]
  • NIHR CRN established.[11]


The governing body of UCLPartners is UCL Partners Ltd, a company limited by guaranteed. The governance arrangements consist of:[12]

  • A board led by an independent chair (currently Rt Hon Professor Lord Kakkar, PC).
  • An executive group comprising the chief executives of trusts, representatives of universities and other relevant bodies.
  • Internationally renowned clinical academics to direct programmes for research, service delivery and education.

Areas of focus[edit]

UCLPartners works across its designations in a range of areas, including:

  • Cancer
  • Cardiovascular
  • Children, young people and maternal health
  • Eyes and vision
  • Infection, immunity and inflammation
  • Neuroscience
  • Mental health
  • Co-morbidities/complex care
  • Quality and value
  • Innovation
  • Informatics
  • Wealth creation
  • Education
  • Patient insight and involvement

UCLPartners is also involved in:

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