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UC Davis Fire Department
UCDFD Patch.jpg
Operational area
Country  United States
State  California
City Davis & UC Davis
Address 625 Kleiber Hall Drive
Agency overview[1][2]
Established 1917 (1917)
Annual calls 1,004 (2013)
Employees 23 - Career
15 - Student Firefighters
7 - Student EMTs
Annual budget 3.2 Million
Staffing Career & Student
Fire chief Nathan J. Trauernicht
EMS level BLS
IAFF 4920
Facilities and equipment[3]
Stations 1
Engines 2 Type 1 - 1 Type 3
Trucks 1
Official website
IAFF Facebook
UCDFD Engine 34. A 2007 Pierce 1750 GPM pumper with a 500-gallon tank and seating for five.
Former UC Davis Fire engine. Presently used by the Aggie Pack booster club as a promotional vehicle.

The University of California, Davis Fire Department, commonly known as the UC Davis Fire Department (UCDFD), provides fire protection and emergency medical services to the UC Davis campus and surrounding Yolo County Communities under an automatic aid agreement. In addition to the standard risks faced by any department, the UCDFD also must handle various types of research facilities and laboratories which present unique hazards.[4]


The need for a fire department on the UC Davis campus was first raised when it was still the Berkeley Farm by the Dean of the College of Agriculture in 1917 when several hand-drawn hose carts were purchased and placed in sheds throughout the farm.[5] Initially, this fire service was completely volunteer with students and professors assigned to each cart. Whenever a fire broke out, a whistle would sound to summon the firefighting volunteers. In 1937, the University created an organized fire protection service with its first career firefighters on the campus. In 1949, the role of students became formalized when the University began its Student Firefighter Program which was designed to teach firefighting skills to a select students. The program allowed students to receive hands-on training and professional experience in all aspects of fire and emergency services.[5]


One of the unique things about the UC Davis Fire Department is the Student Firefighter Program.[6] This program, which was started in 1949, teaches firefighting skills to a select group of students who both live and work at the fire station. The UCDFD has 15 student residents that are selected every two years after undergoing a physical test, an intensive interview and a firefighting academy.

After selection, they become working members of the department and are required to staff one 24-hour shift, four 14-hour shifts, and two training sessions per month in exchange for residence at the station. Additional compensation is provided when the students respond to emergency calls while not on duty.[6] The program at UC Davis is one of only three such programs on college campuses in the United States, the others are at Clemson University, the University of Alaska Fairbanks.[6]

Station & Apparatus[edit]

The UCDFD has a single station located at 625 Kleiber Hall Drive next to the Pavilion parking structure on the UC Davis campus.[7] Station 34 houses all five of the department's apparatus.[8] Engine 34 is the front line fire engine for the department with Truck 34, a 100 foot tractor drawn aerial, as the immediate areas only truck company. The fleet also includes a Type III engine, Brush 34, for response to wildland fires/fires in the WUI.[3]

The department is also the lead agency for the Yolo County Hazardous Materials Team (HazMat) which works to mitigate threats from biological, chemical and nuclear agents as well as other dangerous goods.[9] As such, the department maintains HazMat 34 at their station, and all members must be certified to at least the level of Hazardous Materials Technician.[3]

UCDFD maintains Engine 234 as a reserve engine.


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