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UEA Broad is an area of open water commonly known as a Broad. It gets its name from the university (University of East Anglia) that it neighbours. The UEA Broad is one of the few Broads produced by quarrying rather than peat digging, there is still machinery under the water. The southern side borders a sight of special scientific interest where it meets the Yare. The Broad is particularly well known for its bird life with great crested grebes being a common sight; other birds include kingfishers, swans, sedge warblers and cuckoos. While in the past the lake was used for windsurfing by students from the university health and safety concerns have put an end to this practice. The Broad is well stocked with carp and commonly used for fishing with fishing platforms positioned at regular intervals round the edge. The northern side also plays host to three barbeques available for use by students and staff of the university. The favoured one lies next to a sandy area of the shoreline often known as “The Beach”, where seagulls and ducks often congregate to be fed.[1]