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UFC 14: Showdown
The poster for UFC 14: Showdown.
PromotionUltimate Fighting Championship
DateJuly 27, 1997
VenueBoutwell Auditorium
CityBirmingham, Alabama
Event chronology
UFC 13: Ultimate Force UFC 14: Showdown UFC 15: Collision Course

UFC 14: Showdown was a mixed martial arts event held by the Ultimate Fighting Championship on July 27, 1997 in Birmingham, Alabama. The event was seen live on pay-per-view in the United States, and later released on home video.


UFC 14 featured two separate tournaments: a heavyweight tournament for fighters 200 lb or more, and a middleweight (formerly lightweight) tournament for fighters under 200 lb. The event also featured a Heavyweight Championship "Superfight" between Mark Coleman and Maurice Smith, as well as two alternate bouts in case of tournament injury.

Showdown was the first UFC event to require all fighters to wear padded gloves, weighing between four and six ounces.[1] Up until then, it was the fighter's option - Melton Bowen was the first UFC fighter to choose to wear UFC gloves, back in UFC 4. It was also the first UFC appearance of World champion kickboxer Maurice Smith and champion collegiate wrestler Mark Kerr, who was encouraged to try mixed martial arts competition by his friend and training partner, Mark Coleman.


Heavyweight Championship
Weight class Method Round Time Notes
Heavyweight Maurice Smith def. Mark Coleman (c) Unanimous decision 21:00 [a]
Middleweight Finals
Weight class Method Round Time Notes
Middleweight Kevin Jackson def. Tony Fryklund Submission (rear-naked choke) 0:44 [b]
Middleweight Semifinals
Middleweight Joe Moreira def. Yuri Vaulin Unanimous decision 15:00 [c]
Middleweight Kevin Jackson def. Todd Butler Submission (punches) 1:27
Middleweight Alternate bout
Middleweight Tony Fryklund def. Donnie Chappell Submission (choke) 1:31 [d]
Heavyweight Finals
Weight class Method Round Time Notes
Heavyweight Mark Kerr def. Dan Bobish Submission (chin to the eye) 1:38
Heavyweight Semifinals
Heavyweight Mark Kerr def. Moti Horenstein TKO (punches) 2:22
Heavyweight Dan Bobish def. Brian Johnston Submission (forearm choke) 2:10
Heavyweight Alternate bout
Heavyweight Alex Hunter def. Sam Fulton TKO (punches) 2:22
  1. ^ Smith defeated Coleman to become the new UFC Heavyweight Champion.
  2. ^ Fryklund replaced Moreira, who was not medically permitted to continue.
  3. ^ Moreira was not allowed to continue in the tournament, due to failing his post-fight medical exam (concussion).
  4. ^ After the stoppage, Fyrklund hit Chappell with a late blow and stepped on him while walking away, prompting a severe reprimand by both cageside referees. Fryklund later apologized for his behavior.

UFC 14 Middleweight tournament bracket[edit]

Semifinals Finals
Joe Moreira DEC
Yuri Vaulin 15:00
Tony Fryklund1 0:44
Kevin Jackson SUB
Kevin Jackson SUB
Todd Butler 1:27

1 Tony Fryklund replaced Joe Moreira who was not medically permitted to continue.

UFC 14 Heavyweight Tournament Bracket[edit]

Semifinals Finals
Mark Kerr TKO
Moti Horenstein 2:22
Mark Kerr SUB
Dan Bobish 1:38
Dan Bobish TKO
Brian Johnston 2:10

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