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Broadcast areaNews Centre, Podium Block, Level 3, 1000 Toa Payoh N, Singapore 318994
Radio 1003 (2005-2012)
UFM 1003 (2001-2004)
(The best selection of Mandopop that you must not miss!)
OwnerSPH Radio Pte Ltd
Sister stationsKiss 92FM
One FM 91.3
96.3 Hao FM
Money FM 89.3

UFM100.3 is a Mandarin radio station in Singapore that plays Mandopop from the post 2000s to the current hits. The station is maintained by SPH Radio, which also owns a number of Chinese media publications such as Lianhe Zaobao, Lianhe Wanbao, Shin Min Daily News, and UWeekly.[1]

The station is recognized by the National Arts Council for its contribution towards Singapore's arts sector. The station was a recipient of the SG50 Arts Patron Award in 2015, the Distinguished Patron of the Arts Award in 2010, 2011 and 2014, and the Patron of the Arts Award in 2013 and 2015.


Early History[edit]

The station was founded as UFM 1003 on 3 October 2001 as a joint venture between SPH and NTUC Media.[2] The 24-hour music station operated out of the Singapore Labour Foundation building, taking over the facilities, frequency and colors of NTUC Heart 100.3 FM. In 2001, the station mascot was also created and incorporated in the station logo.

Local veteran radio DJs Lin Anna, Huang Wenhong, and Yang Junwei were recruited from rival stations Capital 95.8 FM and YES 933, and new DJs were recruited from Ngee Ann Polytechnic.[3] The station also broadcast Taiwanese syndicated radio programs by Matilda Tao and Mickey Huang.

Mandopop singer Jay Chou, sang a version of the station jingle which was adapted from his song Ninja. The station's other jingles were sung by Singaporean singers Juliet Pang and Corrinne May.

UFM 1003 also launched U Chart, which served as an alternative to YES 933's Top of the Pop charts. Singaporean mandopop singer Stefanie Sun topped the first-ever chart on 7 October 2001 with her hit Green Light.

In February 2002, UFM 1003 and its sister station WKRZ 91.3 were designated as official radio broadcasters of Chingay Parade. SPH MediaWorks was the official TV and Internet broadcaster for the annual street parade, and the official newspapers were Lianhe Zaobao and Streats.[4]

In October 2002, UFM 1003 began a partnership with Taiwan's Broadcasting Corporation of China POP Network. The two stations would link over ISDN broadband, and listeners of both stations could tune in to an hourly program co-hosted by UFM 1003's DJ.[5]

Post-media Merger[edit]

In 2004, SPH television operations SPH MediaWorks was taken over by MediaCorp. However, UnionWorks was not directly affected by the merger. Variety host Quan Yi Fong, and newscasters Helen Cheung (Zhang Haijie) and Wang Yanqing, who left SPH MediaWorks, became regular talkshow guests on UFM 1003's morning drive time show.

In an effort to synergize with SPH's other media platforms, UFM 1003 began to host news broadcasts, with daily broadcasts from Lianhe Zaobao, Lianhe Wanbao, Shin Min Daily News, The Straits Times and The New Paper.[6]

In 2006, UnionWorks was renamed as SPH UnionWorks after SPH increased its stake in the subsidiary to 70%. UFM 1003 was renamed as Radio 1003, while WKRZ 91.3 was rebranded as Radio 91.3 with a new format.[7]

In November, SPH UnionWorks moved into the SPH Headquarters at News Centre in Toa Payoh North,[8] taking over the renovated space left behind by the defunct SPH MediaWorks' TV news studio.

In 2009, SPH launched the inaugural Singapore Entertainment Awards, organized by Lianhe Wanbao, Radio 1003, omy.sg and U-Weekly. The annual awards honored the best talents in the Singapore and Asian entertainment scene.

In 2010, Radio 1003 founded the Global Chinese Golden Chart, a global chart, which ranked Chinese radio stations around the world, including Taiwan's HIT FM, China's Music Radio, CITY FM, and Malaysia's My FM. The chart enabled the station to collaborate with record labels in the region to actively promote Chinese pop music and share music resources and content.[9]

Rebranding to UFM100.3[edit]

Radio 1003's name was reverted to UFM100.3 in 2012, and programming was adjusted to cater to an older audience.[10] In 2014, UFM100.3's parent company SPH UnionWorks was renamed SPH Radio, as SPH acquired the remaining 7.1% stake in NTUC Media.

In January 2015, SPH reorganized its newspaper divisions to include other media forms. Under this new organization, UFM100.3 was brought under the Chinese Media Group.[1]

U1000 Music Countdown[edit]

UFM100.3's Annual Music Countdown Chart Campaign[edit]

U1000 Music Countdown (U选1000) is UFM100.3’s annual music chart campaign that gives listeners the ability to determine the songs played on UFM100.3 by voting. The 1000 best mandarin songs as voted by listeners were then featured on the music countdown on UFM100.3. The campaign started in 2013 as "U500 Music Countdown" and featured the top 500 best mandarin songs, according to UFM100.3 listeners.

In 2014 the station doubled the list, compiling a list of 1000 mandarin songs. The 6th edition of U1000 Music Countdown ran from February 2018, with Jay Chou's "Confession Balloon" championing the chart for 2018.

Annual Music Countdown Chart Winners[edit]

2018 - Jay Chou "Confession Balloon" 周杰伦 《告白气球》

2017 - Hebe Tien "A Little Happiness" Hebe 田馥甄 《小幸运》(Champion for the 2nd consecutive year)

2016 - Hebe Tien "A Little Happiness" Hebe 田馥甄 《小幸运》

2015 - Kit Chan "Home" 陈洁仪 《家》

2014 - Tiger Huang "Not So Simple" 黄小琥 《没那么简单》

2013 - Faye Wong "Red Bean" 王菲 《红豆》

UFM100.3 Radio Singer 2018[edit]

UFM100.3 Radio Singer is a singing competition where contestants' identities are not revealed. A total of 170 short-listed song covers are released on UFM100.3's website for public voting. The top 17 entries will then enter the final round.

Directorial Staff[edit]

  • Senior Programme Director: Carine Ang 洪菁云

UFM100.3 DJs[edit]

Position Name
Chinese Romanized English Facebook Fanpage Instagram
Creative Director/Senior Presenter 黄文鸿 Huang Wenhong Wong Woon Hong https://www.facebook.com/1003wenhong @wenhong1003
Assistant Programme Director/Senior Presenter 吴碗君(小猪) Wu Wanjun (Xiaozhu) Christie Ng https://www.facebook.com/1003xiaozhu @xiaozhu1003
Senior Presenter 叶丽梅 Ye Limei Charmaine Yip https://www.facebook.com/1003limei @limei.1003
Senior Presenter 罗克敏 Luo Kemin Mint Luo https://www.facebook.com/1003kemin @mint_lkm
Presenter 苏于玲 Su Yuling Su Yuling https://www.facebook.com/1003yuling -
Presenter 张承尧 Zhang Chengyao Chang Cheng Yao https://www.facebook.com/1003chengyao @chengyaoo
Presenter/Producer 李欣盈 Li Xinying Lee Xin Ying https://www.facebook.com/1003xinying @singingxinying
Presenter/Producer 刘伟龙 Liu Weilong Brian Low Wei Loong https://www.facebook.com/1003weilong @weiloongbrian
Presenter/Producer 詹靖禾 Zhan Jinghe Andrew Zhan https://www.facebook.com/1003andrew @andrewzhan
Assistant Music Director 胡天培 Hu Tianpei Hu Tian Pei
Weekend Presenter 张莹 Zhangying Teo Ying
Weekend Presenter 林国豪 Guohao Alcott Lim
Weekend Presenter 陈宇泱 Chen Yuyang Chen Yu Yang
Weekend Presenter 陈彦维(小二) Chen Yanwei (Xiao Er) Tan Yan Wei
Weekend Presenter 李庆鸿 Li Qinghong Lee Qing Hong

UFM100.3 Weekday Programme[edit]

Timebelt 节目 Programme
6am - 10am 《UFM100.3早班》文鸿、丽梅、小猪、靖禾 UFM100.3 Mornings with Wenhong Limei Xiaozhu Jinghe
10am - 1pm 克敏 《生活可精彩》 Lively Life with Kemin
1pm - 4pm 于玲 《茶于饭后》 Tea with Yuling
4pm - 8pm 欣盈,伟龙 《下班Sing-a-Long》 Sing-A-Long with Xinying & Weilong
8pm - 12mn 承尧 《夜晚最有Feel》 Feel the Night with Chengyao

UFM100.3 Weekend Programme[edit]

Timebelt Day Programme DJs (On Rotation)
10am - 2pm Saturday Saturday Daytime Programme Zhangying / Yuyang / Yanwei / Qinghong / Andrew / Guo Hao
5pm - 8pm Saturday Saturday Evening Programme Zhangying / Yuyang / Yanwei / Qinghong / Andrew / Guo Hao
8pm - 9pm Saturday Global Chinese Golden Chart (流行音乐全金榜) Tianpei (TP) / Xinying / Weilong / Chengyao / Andrew
10am - 2pm Sunday Sunday Daytime Programme Zhangying / Yuyang / Yanwei / Qinghong / Andrew / Guo Hao
5pm - 8pm Sunday Sunday Evening Programme Zhangying / Yuyang / Yanwei / Qinghong / Andrew / Guo Hao

Former DJs from UFM100.3[edit]

Former Notable DJs who crossed to other SPH Radio stations or other SPH departments[edit]

  • Carine Ang 洪菁云 (left UFM100.3 as a host on 17 Nov 2017 to join SPH's new station 96.3 Hao FM but remains as the Senior Programme Director for both stations)
  • Anna Lim 林安娜 (left UFM100.3 as a host on 17 Nov 2017 to join SPH's new station 96.3 Hao FM)
  • Ken 刘永健 (moved to zaobao.sg)

Former Notable DJs who crossed to TV Production[edit]

Former Notable DJs who went to other Radio Stations[edit]

Former Notable DJs who left the radio industry[edit]

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