UFO's and the Men Who Fly Them!

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UFO's and the Men Who Fly Them!
Astroman ufos.jpg
EP by Man or Astro-man?
Released 1996
Recorded Zero Return, 25 June 96
Genre surf rock
Label Drug Racer Records
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UFO's and the Men Who Fly Them!
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UFO's and the Men Who Fly Them! is a 1996 Man or Astro-man? 7" EP released jointly by Jezz Thorpe (Drug Racer) and Henry Owings of Chunklet (magazine) on Drug Racer Records. It was released on gray vinyl, anti-freeze green vinyl, red vinyl and black vinyl—with red being the rarest (only 100 pressed). The EP was recorded at Zero Return Studios in Wetumpka, AL.[1]

This single featured a die-cut sleeve that unfolded to reveal a punch-out "flying saucer disc" (assembled in 5 easy steps). The punch-out and assemble UFO led to many a damaged picture sleeve, making the procurement of a mint copy of this record even more difficult.

Track listing[edit]

Drug Side[edit]

  • "9-Volt (Rechargeable Version)"
  • "The Sound Waves, Reversing"

Racer Side[edit]

  • "Italian Movie Theme"
  • "High Wire"