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Founded 1972
Headquarters Norway
Website ufo.no

UFO-NORGE, founded in 1972, is a Norwegian national UFO research organisation.

During the summer of 1946, the Norwegian press started reporting sightings of "ghost rockets". Hundreds of people all over Scandinavia saw these phenomena, which have not yet been studied in detail by researchers. Press coverage of UFO sightings was high in 1947, and the first books about Flying Saucers appeared 1954.

The first UFO groups started to form during the early 1950s. Small groups existed in several of Norway's largest cities during the 1950s and 1960s. None of these were particularly interested in scientific aspects, most were convinced that the aliens were already here.

In 1972, these small groups formed a national organisation called Norsk UFO Center (NUFOC). In 1980 NUFOC changed its name to UFO-NORGE. During the 1970s and 1980s NUFOC/UFO-NORGE gradually became more sensible and less secteric. Today, UFO-NORGE represents a serious and common-sense approach to UFO phenomena.


The objectives of UFO-NORGE are to:

  1. Research and identify reports of UFO phenomena through gathering and investigating sighting accounts, as well as inform the public through our quarterly journal.
  2. Collect, process and study all available information on UFOs in Norway.
  3. Strive for the use of scientific principles and methods in its investigation.
  4. Be open to any and all hypotheses and theories which may represent possible solutions to the UFO enigma, and will not attribute unidentified reports to any particular theory.

Meaning of the word UFO[edit]

Today, the word "UFO" is accepted as a proper noun. UFO-NORGE has defined the term UFO as "a reported phenomenon in the sky, in the airspace, or on the ground, with the key characteristics of being and remaining unidentified even after being investigated by competent researchers".


UFO-NORGE is an organisation managed by a board of directors ("Styret"), 3 persons ("styreformann" + 2 x "styremedlem"), which irregularly get together. Each year the board of directors and an additional 6 people, which hold various functions within the organisation, meet and discuss/decide the larger issues of organisation direction and guidelines. All activities are carried out on an unpaid, spare time basis.

Investigation of sightings[edit]

As part of the investigation of reports, a paper report form is used. In addition we have a web-based report form. Since 1972, UFO-NORGE has investigated and collected more than 4,000 reports, of which a significant part has turned out to be known (mis-)identified phenomena. Today the percentage of explained sightings is between 80% and 95%. The remaining 5-20% cannot be explained and are archived as UFO reports. Earlier the identified IFO reports were not saved for posterity, but today they are (since 1995).


  • UFO a journal with four issues a year which have today about 300 subscribers (co-published and co-printed, back to back, with UFO-Sweden's 'UFO-Aktuellt').

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