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National Organization UFO-Sweden
Formation 1970
Headquarters Sala, Sweden
Official language
Website http://www.ufo.se/

UFO-Sweden (UFO-Sverige in Swedish) is a Swedish non-profit organization dedicated to the investigation of UFO sightings in Sweden. The organization was founded in 1970 and has 26 local groups all over Sweden with the central unit in Uppsala. UFO-Sweden cooperates with organizations such as the Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI) and the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute (SMHI) and corresponds with most of the major UFO organizations around the world. Their attitude towards the UFO phenomenon is “based on research and not speculation”. They are open to any answer to the phenomenon and do not advocate any pet theory.

On UFO Sweden's report page it is possible to file reports of UFO sightings in Sweden to be investigated by the organizations specially trained researchers.

According to the organization itself, they have one of the largest UFO archives in Europe and possibly in the world. It contains a couple of thousands books and magazines from all over the world and a news clipping archive encompassing articles from 1946 to this date, mostly from Sweden but also from United States, Norway and other countries. More than 13.500 case histories are also placed here together with videotapes, audiotapes, pictures and UFO-paraphernalia.

Archives for UFO Research[edit]

Archives for UFO Research was founded in Sweden in 1973.[1] Today the AFU foundation is one of the most complete repositories for UFO data & UFO-related folklore in the world.The collection represents more than 600 meters on our shelves. Archives for UFO Research manages UFO-Sweden's archives and library.[2]


The organization also produce a number of different publications

  • UFO-Aktuellt a magazine with four issues a year which have today about 1.400 subscribers.
  • Rapport Nytt a small publication, released six times a year, with all new reports.
  • A newsletter - in English, since 1990 - (published by the Archives for UFO Research) four times a year.

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