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UFO Abduction[1] is a 1989 found footage/thriller film.


UFO Abduction was written, directed, filmed, and produced by Dean Alioto, through IndieSyndicate Productions.[2][3] The film presented as found footage, similar to 1999's The Blair Witch Project, which presents the final recordings and last known whereabouts of a Connecticut family named the Van Heeses just before they are abducted by extraterrestrials.[4] Dean Alioto produced the no budget film using $6,500.00 from the company IndieSyndicate Productions.[5]


The film had a limited release through Axiom Films. Created to appear as a genuine 1983 home video recording, the film is widely believed (erroneously) by Axiom Films, to depict a real alien abduction of a Connecticut family named "the McPhersons" as they celebrate their relative's 5th birthday.[4] The original master and artwork for UFO Abduction were destroyed in a warehouse fire at the distribution company, precluding the film's wide-release on video.[6]


Dean Alioto and Paul Chitlik remade UFO Abduction in 1998, with a larger budget and professional actors, into Alien Abduction: Incident in Lake County. Dean Alioto has since discussed his two films.[3]


The Van Heese family and aliens:[4]

  • Tommy Giavocchini as Eric Van Heese
  • Patrick Kelley as Jason Van Heese
  • Shirly McCalla as Ma Van Heese
  • Stacey Shulman as Renee Reynolds
  • Christine Staples as Jamie Van Heese
  • Laura Tomas as Michelle Van Heese (the birthday girl)
  • Dean Alioto as Michael Van Heese (cinematographer)
  • Kay Parten as Alien 1
  • Ginny Kleker as Alien 2
  • Rose Schneider as Alien 3


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