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UFO Moviez
Traded as BSE539141
Industry Media
Founded 2004
Founder Sanjay Gaikwad (Managing Director)
Narendra Hete
Headquarters Mumbai, Maharashtra
Area served
Key people

Sanjay Gaikwad (Founder & Managing Director)

Kapil Agarwal
(Joint Managing Director)

Ashish Malushte (CFO)

Deepak Ranjan (Chief – Advertisement Sales)

Mitalee Patel (Chief Content Officer)

Pankaj Jaysinh (COO)

Rajesh Mishra (CEO - Indian Operations)

Sameer Chavan (Company Secretary & Compliance Officer)

Sanjay Chavan (Chief Technical Officer)

Siddharth Bhardwaj (Chief Marketing Officer - Head of Enterprise Sales)

Sushil Agrawal (Chief – Corporate Affairs)

Vishnu Patel (CEO - Special Projects)
Services Digital Cinema
In Cinema Advertisings
Revenue Increase ₹5,721 million (FY2016)[1]
Increase ₹635 million (FY2016)
Number of employees
580 (March 31, 2016)
Website www.ufomoviez.com

UFO Moviez India Limited is India’s largest digital cinema distribution network and in-cinema advertising platform (in terms of numbers of screens). UFO operates India’s largest satellite-based, digital cinema distribution network using its UFO-M4 platform, as well as India’s largest D-Cinema network. UFO Moviez is a pioneer in the electronic delivery of digitized full length feature films and content in theatres via satellite and has transformed the way content is distributed and exhibited across geographies. UFO has also contributed to the revival of single screen cinemas in India and its secure technology has substantially reduced Piracy. Most importantly, UFO has ensured that audiences have ‘day of release’ access to films everywhere. UFO Moviez has so far released more than 10500 films in 22 languages, on its UFO M4-Platform & DCI Network and has conducted over 21 million shows. As on September 30, 2016, UFO Moviez' global network, along with its subsidiaries and associates, spans 6,730 screens worldwide, including 5,055 screens across India & Nepal and 1,675 screens across the Middle East (UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Lebanon and Jordan), Israel, Mexico and the USA serviced by its subsidiary Scrabble Entertainment Ltd. Scrabble’s international deployment includes UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Lebanon, Jordan and Israel. During the fiscal year 2016, UFO digitally delivered 1,738 movies in 25 languages to 5,034 screens with an aggregate seating capacity of approximately 2.15 Mn viewers spread across 30 States and Union territories in India and in Nepal.[2]


In 2004, UFO Moviez was founded by the Valuable Group, with a vision to enable the film industry to realize its true potential by creating a global platform of innovative services. In 2007, 3i Private Equity invested approximately Rs. 100 crore with an aim of funding the Company’s expansion plans. Also in 2011 Providence Equity Partners invested Rs. 260 crore in UFO Moviez. In 2011, UFO made investments in SDS and DCI solution provider Scrabble Entertainment Limited. In 2015, UFO Moviez made a stellar debut on Indian Bourses.[3]

Core Business[edit]

Theatrical Business

UFO’s digitization and delivery model has been a key driver of extensive digitization of Indian cinemas and has enabled wide-spread, same day release of movies across India. UFO Moviez delivers movies to theatres across the country in MPEG 4 format, using satellites (E-Cinema), as well as in JPEG 2000 (D-Cinema) format using physical devices through its subsidiary Scrabble Entertainment Limited.[4]

Advertising Business

Apart from infusing a new life into the Film Industry, Digitization of cinemas also resulted in the strong revival of in-cinema advertising. UFO Moviez has created a pan India, high impact in-cinema advertising platform with generally long-term advertising rights to 3,748 screens, with an aggregate seating capacity of approximately 1.76 million viewers and a reach of 1,906 locations across India, as on September 30, 2016. Their in-cinema advertising platform enables advertisers to reach a targeted, captive audience with high flexibility and control over the advertising process. The in-cinema advertising platform also allows small exhibitors who otherwise are not able to effectively monetize their advertising inventory due to their limited scale and reach to receive a greater share of advertisement revenue than they are able to using traditional advertising methods.

'== Other Synergetic Business Initiatives ==

Caravan Talkies

Caravan Talkies is a synergetic business initiative that leverages on UFO’s strengths to access movie content, impressive advertiser client base and digital distribution capabilities. It is an open movie viewing experience for India’s rural population situated in media dark areas. A sundown show is played at villages typically at a weekly marketplace. Each caravan visits seven villages a week in a close circuit. Caravan Talkies remains operational for eight to nine months a year except during monsoons. They are currently expanding their fleet of caravans to cover approximately around 300 beset routes across India (excluding South India). This business offers advertisers a unique opportunity to market and reach out to their audience on a captive platform.

Club Cinema

Club Cinema provides movie screenings of recently released films in clubs and community centers at private screens, such as remote industrial townships, corporate auditoriums, educational institutions and other leisure and entertainment complexes.


Under an exclusive arrangement with Impact Media Exchange Limited, UFO Moviez is marketing an electronic ticketing platform known as the Integrated Media Pact, or “IMPACT”, to improve transparency, efficiency and accountability in movie screening industry. The transactions on IMPACT are captured on a real time basis as it is connected via satellite to a centralized Network Operation Centre. IMPACT mediates the transactions between exhibitors on one hand and distributors on the other, ensuring that ticketing transactions and movie screenings are transparent. IMPACT has been designed to ultimately act as a settlement exchange for various stakeholders of the movie screening industry.


NOVA CINEMAZ is an asset-light franchisee model launched recently by UFO Moviez under its subsidiary Valuable Digital Screens Private Limited (VDSPL). NOVA CINEMAZ creates a one stop solution for the local populace to set-up movie theatres in their respective areas through a standardized model both in terms of infrastructure and experience. It shall leverage UFO Moviez' existing strengths in industry relationships and its unmatched ability to seamlessly distribute film content in remote areas. Through this initiative, NOVA will offer an infrastructural boost to the Indian film industry, an exciting opportunity to budding entrepreneurs who aspire to get into movie-exhibition services and a better cinematic experience for the local cine-goers.

Awards and Recognition[edit]


  • India’s TOP SME 100 Awards


  • Inc. India 500 – Certificate of Excellence in recognition of exemplary growth.
  • Marico Innovation Foundation’s Innovation for India Awards 2012 – Award for Business Innovation.


  • Technology Fast 50 – India 2010 winner, award by Deloitte.


  • The Advertising Club Awards for Excellence in Advertising and Media– For Media Innovation Digital Gold
  • Idea IIFA Innovation Award in Indian Cinema (Awarded to the erstwhile holding company, UFO Moviez Limited)
  • Global Entrepolis @ Singapore Award* – For Technopreneur of the Year in the Asia-Pacific Region (Awarded to the erstwhile holding company, UFO Moviez Limited)



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