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Original author(s)Udi Fuchs
Stable release
0.22, based on DCRaw v 9.23. / February 17, 2015; 4 years ago (2015-02-17)[1]
Written inC, C++
Operating systemLinux, Mac OS X, Windows
TypePost-production tool for photography
LicenseGNU General Public License

UFRaw (which stands for Unidentified Flying Raw) is an application which can read and manipulate photographs in raw image formats, as created by many digital cameras[2]. UFRaw is available as both as a stand-alone program and as a plugin for GIMP (only on non-Microsoft Windows systems). As a stand-alone program, UFRaw can be invoked with a graphical interface, or as a command line batch processing utility.[3]

UFRaw reads raw images, using dcraw as a back end, and supports color management via LittleCMS, allowing the user to apply input, output, and display color profiles (see also Linux color management). This allows UFRaw to support a large number of raw image formats. (.orf; any format supported by DCRaw)

Up to version 0.22, UFRaw supports only raw image formats.

UFRaw has been unmaintained since 2016-12-17[4].

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