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UIAGM seal

The Union Internationale des Associations de Guides de Montagnes is the International Federation of Mountain Guides Associations, known alternatively by its French, German and English abbreviations:

  • UIAGM, Union Internationale des Associations de Guides de Montagnes (French)
  • IVBV, Internationale Vereinigung der Bergführerverbande (German)
  • IFMGA, International Federation of Mountain Guide Associations (English)


In 1965 in Zermatt (Switzerland) representatives of the mountain guides associations from Italy, France, Austria and Switzerland decided to lay the foundations for an international federation of all mountain guides associations. First statutes in 1966.

The purposes of the federation are:

  • Adjustment of the laws of the mountain guides by promoting a uniform professional training as possible, in order to facilitate the practice of the mountain guide occupation abroad. Among other things by issuing a common international document of identification.
  • When needed to give an arbitral tribunal, that has advisory function, and serves as mediate in case of points of issue between members and third parties.
  • To study problems of general and economic nature affecting the occupation of mountain guides.
  • To order to arrange closer comradeship and the exchange of ideas amongst the mountain guides of all nations.


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