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The UIC Country Code is a two digit-number identifying countries in which members of the International Union of Railways (UIC) are active. The UIC has issued numbering systems for rolling stock (UIC wagon numbers) and stations that include the country code. The values are defined in UIC leaflet 920-14.

The country code had originally been designed as a company code but mainly as a consequence of the reorganisation of the rail sector in Europe changes were necessary. When the former UIC vehicle number became a vehicle register number (European Vehicle Number, EVN) issued by governmental organisations, the code was attributed to the countries. Vehicle numbering is now governed by the Intergovernmental Organisation for International Carriage by Rail[1] and in Technical Specifications for Interoperability (TSI) of the European Union.

Railroads in North America use a system based on company-specific reporting marks, and a similar system, ISO 6346, is used for intermodal containers.

Table of codes[edit]





10 FIN Finland
20 RUS Russia
21 BLR Belarus
22 UA Ukraine
23 MD Moldova
24 LT Lithuania
25 LV Latvia
26 EST Estonia
27 KZ Kazakhstan
28 GE Georgia
29 UZ Uzbekistan
30 PRK North Korea
31 MGL Mongolia
32 VN Vietnam
33 RC China
40 C Cuba
41 AL Albania
42 J Japan
44 BIH Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serb Republic of
49 BIH Bosnia and Herzegovina
50 BIH Bosnia and Herzegovina, Muslim-Croat Federation of
51 PL Poland
52 BG Bulgaria
53 RO Romania
54 CZ Czech Republic
55 H Hungary
56 SK Slovakia
57 AZE Azerbaijan
58 ARM Armenia
59 KS Kyrgyzstan
60 IRL Ireland
61 ROK South Korea
62 CG (MNE) Montenegro
64 NZ New Zealand
65 MK Macedonia
66 TJ Tajikistan
67 TM Turkmenistan
68 AF Afghanistan
70 GB United Kingdom
71 ES Spain
72 SRB Serbia
73 GR Greece
74 S Sweden
75 TR Turkey
76 N Norway
78 HR Croatia
79 SLO Slovenia
80 D Germany
81 A Austria
82 L Luxembourg
83 I Italy
84 NL Netherlands
85 CH Switzerland
86 DK Denmark
87 F France
88 B Belgium
90 ET Egypt
91 TN Tunisia
92 DZ Algeria
93 MA Morocco
94 P Portugal
95 IL Israel
96 IR Iran
97 SYR Syria
98 IR Iran
99 IRQ Iraq
61 AU Australia
** CA Canada
** BAN Bangladesh
** CD Congo, the Democratic Republic of the
** ZA South Africa
001 US United States


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