UIC franc

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UIC franc
ISO 4217
Date of introduction1976[1]
ReplacedGold Franc
Date of withdrawal1 January 1990[a]
November 2013[b]
Replaced byEuro
This infobox shows the latest status before this currency was rendered obsolete.
  1. ^ In practice.
  2. ^ Formal.

The UIC Franc (code: XFU) was a virtual currency unit used by the International Union of Railways (UIC). It was introduced in 1976 after the Gold Franc was abandoned for this purpose due to instability of the international monetary system,[2] and was replaced by the European Currency Unit on 1 January 1990.[3]

The code XFU was not withdrawn from the ISO-4217 currency list until 2013, despite the UIC franc having long fallen out of use.[4]

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