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The UK Dispersion Modelling Bureau is part of the Met Office (originally an abbreviation for Meteorological Office, but now the official name in itself) which is the UK's national weather and meteorological service. The meteorologists in the bureau are among the UK's leading experts in areas such:

Consultancy services[edit]

The bureau has a team of air quality specialists dedicated to providing advice, support, and consultancy service to industry, government, local authorities and private consultants. The team has particular expertise with long and short range atmospheric pollution dispersion modelling using the NAME, AERMOD, ADMS, BOXURB and other dispersion models.

The bureau's consultancy services include:

  • height assessments of industrial stacks discharging airborne pollutants
  • long-term environmental impact studies of airborne pollutant emissions
  • scenario modelling and analyses of accidental releases of airborne pollutants
  • air pollution forecasting studies
  • studies of long-range trans-boundary transport of air pollutants
  • urban air quality modelling
  • providing site-specific meteorological data

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