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The UK Film Council Completion Fund is a major UK short film funding awards scheme, funded by the UK Film Council, and managed by Maya Vision International. Originally a £50,000 fund awarded on an annual basis to a slate of 8-10 film, from 2008 onwards[1] the fund has been increased to £70,000 to be awarded on a bi-annual basis to around 14 films of the most promising UK short films "that have already been shot but lack the funds to finish".[2]


At the scheme's launch in 2002, the 2003 slate of films were co-funded by Film4 Productions' Filmfour Lab and screened on Channel 4, Film 4 and a selection are still available on the Film 4 website. After the winding down of Film Four Ltd as a separate entity and the scaling down and re-integration of film production into Channel 4 drama in 2002, the UK Film Council took over sole funding of the completion fund. Since 2004, the finished films have played at the Edinburgh International Film Festival in a section called First Past the Post and also have a central London showcase at the Curzon Mayfair. A selection of the films are available to screen on the BBC Film Network.[3]


The UK Film Council takes delivery of a Digibeta copy of each film for preservation in its national archive in Sheffield and DVD copies are stored by the Edinburgh International Film Festival as part of the Film UK Guide to British Film archive.

Awards and nominations[edit]

Completion fund films have been official selections at numerous film festivals worldwide, gathering over 150 major international awards,[4] and many more nominations, including:


Film Director(s) Producer(s) Writer(s) Recipient Date Award
Bale (formerly known as Hay Bales) Al Mackay Andrew Ryder Al Mackay Elephant Gun Films 25/03/2009 £7,600
The Elemental Robert Sproul-Cran Katie Crook Robert Sproul-Cran Northlight Productions Ltd 25/03/2009 £7,120
Together Eicke Bettinga Zorana Piggott Eicke Bettinga, Zorana Piggott 001 Productions Ltd, Piggott-Bettinga Filmproduktion GbR 25/03/2009 £6,730
The Hardest Part Oliver Refson Adam Shakinovsky Oliver Refson Agile Films Ltd 25/03/2009 £2,500
The Chapel Ben Winter Ben Winter Ben Winter No Papercuts Ltd 25/03/2009 £3,785
Furnace Four Haydn Butler Vanessa Arden-Wood Ali Muriel 25/03/2009 £4,685



Film Director(s) Producer(s) Writer(s) Recipient Date Award
The Devil's Wedding Dan Cadan Loren Slater Dan Cadan H.S.I London 22/10/2008 £7,000
The Wake Loren Slater & Kerry Kolbe Loren Slater & Kerry Kolbe Loren Slater & Kerry Kolbe Signal Films 22/10/2008 £5,800
The Appointment J Blakeson Sacha Guttenstein J Blakeson 22/10/2008 £8,575
Girl Like Me (formerly known as Wasted) Rowland Jobson Zoe Webster, Peter Devonald and Rowland Jobson Peter Devonald Seefood Ltd 22/10/2008 £8,850



Film Director(s) Producer(s) Writer(s) Recipient Date Award
Dead Dog Edward Jeffreys Loren Slater, Kerry Kolbe Edward Jeffreys Signal Films 12/03/2008 £4,270
Domestics Rob Curry Colin McKeown Anthony Fletcher Fifth Column Films Ltd 12/03/2008 £5,975
Hatemail Frazer Churchill Mark Murrell Frazer Churchill 2FC Ltd 12/03/2008 £6,600
The Hero's Journey (formerly known as The End of the Affair) Jack Herbert Barrington Robinson Jack Herbert Redbag Pictures Ltd 12/03/2008 £4,975
Ralph Alex Winckler Olivier Kaempfer Alex Winckler Parkville Pictures Ltd 12/03/2008 £5,800
Unborn Justin Trefgarne Francine Heywood, Laura Giles, Ernest Riera, Sarah Parfitt Justin Trefgarne Trinamite Productions Ltd 12/03/2008 £4,955



Film Director(s) Producer(s) Writer(s) Recipient Date Award
A Fitting Tribute Daniel Cormack Daniel Cormack Ben Clover Actaeon Films Ltd £5,000
Church Going Ashley Inglis, Russell Inglis Ashley Inglis, Russell Inglis, Daniel Swain Ashley Inglis, Russell Inglis Russell Inglis £4,100
Walking Away Joanna Carrick David Newborn Joanna Carrick Red Rose Chain Ltd £6,000
Beyond Gavin Boyter Gavin Boyter Gavin Boyter Strange Attractor Films Ltd £5,920
Juvenile China Moo-Young Jess Ensor Glenn Doherty Wanted Films Ltd £6,500
One of Us Clint Dyer Julian Bennett, Mark Straker Mark Straker PK Films Ltd £4,880
Writing Dachau Genevieve Simms Genevieve Simms Genevieve Simms Genevieve Simms £2,409
Jehovah's Witness Alain Kramer Alain Kramer Alain Kramer NoZone Films Ltd £4,000
Airlock, or How to Say Goodbye in Space Chris Boyle Laura Tunstall Mike Lesslie Laura Tunstall £3,115

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Film Director(s) Producer(s) Writer(s) Recipient Date Award
Savage Hannah Gal Hannah Judah Hannah Gal Hannah Gal 29/3/06 £4,499
Normal For Norfolk Gareth Lewis Adrian Sturges, Damian Lewis Picture Farm Ltd 15/3/06 £7,750
Dog Flap Jack Herbert Wendy Bevan-Mogg Kubista Ltd 15/3/06 £5,800
Exit the Situation Lilja Ingolfsdottir Jeremy Campbell Balfe Campbell Productions Ltd 15/3/06 £7,935
The Sofa] Marcus Shepherd Teun Hilte, Jonathan Taylor Clockwork Pictures 15/3/06 £5,380
Dad Daniel Mulloy Amber T-Finlayson, Verity Wislocki Daniel Mulloy Sister Films Ltd 22/3/06 £5,500
The Other Man Dictynna Hood Simon Onwurah Dictynna Hood Likely Story Ltd 15/3/06 £7,500
Kochana Café Philip Illic Elisabeth Charbonneau Elisabeth Charbonneau 15/3/06 £5,290
100th of a Second Susan Jacobson Alex Boden Pistachio Pictures 15/3/06 £5,930
In the Mood Hannah Robinson Jeremy Redhouse, Jonathan Hall Redhouse Lane / Perfect World 22/3/06 £2,425

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Film Director(s) Producer(s) Writer(s) Recipient Date Award
Lucky Avie Luthra Bex Hopkins Avie Luthra Avie Luthra 2/3/2005 £6,245
The Little Thief Adam Sharp Simon Cornish BAF Animation 2/3/05 £4,510
Pitch Perfect J Blakeson Sacha Guttenstein Sacha Guttenstein 2/3/05 £8,510
Mockingbird] Joe Tunmer Ben Timlett, Penny Nagle, Richard Landy Bill and Ben Productions 2/3/05 £7,230
Antonio's Breakfast Daniel Mulloy Howard Stogdon, Amber T-Finlayson Sister Films 2/3/05 £5,950
Starry Night Ben Miller Thomas M. Fickling, Rebecca Farhall Thomas M. Fickling 2/3/05 £6,990
The Clap] Geoff Lindsey Hugh Welchman, Alan Dewhurst Breakthru Films Ltd 2/3/05 £4,203
Rare Books and Manuscripts] Bruce Webb Wendy Bevan-Mogg, Elisabeth Pinto Sister Films Ltd 2/3/05 £5,640

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Film Director(s) Producer(s) Writer(s) Recipient Date Award
Mercy] Candida Scott Knight Emily Man Tina Walker Maya Vision International Ltd 3/3/04 £7,800
No Deposit, No Return] Dallas Campbell Farah Abushwesha, Pippa Mitchell, Kerry Appleyard Dallas Campbell, John Edwards Rocliffe Ltd 3/3/04 £4,360
6.6.04] Simon Hook Andrew Wilson Simon Hook, Jayne Kirkham Andrew Wilson 3/3/04 £1,939
Bushido: The Way of the Warrior Susan Jacobson Alex Boden Susan Jacobson, Anna Reeves Pistachio Pictures Ltd 3/3/04 £3,386
Jamaica Martin Scanlan Mark Norfolk, Jacquie Beaumont Martin Scanlan Prussia Lane Productions Ltd 3/3/04 £6,947
Flowers and Coins Joshua Neale Joshua Neale, Neil Henry Neil Henry, Joshua Neale Joshua Neale 3/3/04 £3,740
Moving On Albert Kodagolian Albert Kodagolian Dusan Tolmac Albert Kodagolian 3/3/04 £6,504
Stalin, My Neighbour] Carol Morley Cairo Cannon Carol Morley Cannon and Morley Productions Ltd 3/3/04 £5,750
Hotel Infinity] Amanda Boyle Adrian Sturges Amanda Boyle Picture Farm Ltd 3/3/04 £9,549
Traffic Warden Donald Rice Teun Hilte Donald Rice Clockwork Pictures Ltd 3/3/04 £6,947

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London Screening: Curzon Soho, Monday 7 April 2003 at 6pm[25]

Film Director(s) Producer(s) Writer(s) Recipient Date Award
Jetpac Willy] David Palmer Lithium Films Ltd 4/9/02 £3,000
Cracks Joelle Berbe Cracking Film Productions 20/11/02 £3,500
The Day of the Subgenius] Chris Hopewell Andy Leighton Bolex Brothers 16/7/03 £1,250
Whacked! Jake West Sarah Townsend Haylon Films 4/9/02 £2,500
List 3 D.W. Mault Sal Papadopolous Hurricane Films 20/11/02 £4,500
F2point8 Paul Hills Carole Hayman Carole Hayman Provocative Pictures 18/12/02 £2,500
Friday Night In] Ruth Coulson Ruth Coulson, Kevin Kolovich Rumour Productions 20/11/02 £4,000
Divine] Angela M. Murray Rebecca Knapp Synergen Films 18/12/02 £2,500
Ozone] Nicholas Brooks, Laura Kelly Nicholas Brooks, Laura Kelly Nicholas Brooks, Laura Kelly 20/11/02 £6,164

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