UK Independence Party leadership election, 2010

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United Kingdom Independence Party leadership election, 2010
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← 2009 5th November 2010 2016 →
  Nigel Farage MEP 1, Strasbourg - Diliff.jpg No image.png
Candidate Nigel Farage Tim Congdon
Percentage 60.5% 20.2%

  David Campbell-Bannerman.jpg Winstonmckenzie.jpg
Candidate David Campbell Bannerman Winston McKenzie
Percentage 14% 5.3%

Leader before election

Jeffrey Titford (pro tempore)

Elected Leader

Nigel Farage

The United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) leadership election of 2010 was triggered on 17 August 2010 with the resignation of the incumbent leader, Lord Pearson of Rannoch, following difficulties during the 2010 general election campaign,[1] with the result announced on 5 November 2010.[2][3] Lord Pearson of Rannoch had been leader of the party since the previous leadership election, less than a year earlier. Jeffrey Titford was appointed interim leader during the summer by the UKIP National Executive Committee. Nigel Farage won the election with over 60% of the vote.


All candidates required support from 51 members of UKIP in order to appear on the ballot.[4] The following candidates were confirmed as standing in the election:

MEP Nikki Sinclaire originally announced she had hoped to stand for the leadership, as did MEP Godfrey Bloom who stated he would stand if Nigel Farage decided not to do so.[4] Gerard Batten initially intended to stand, but withdrew and gave his support to Congdon.[5] Lord Monckton also was considering standing but decided not to run.


Nigel Farage won with 60.5% of the vote, followed by Tim Congdon (20.2%), David Campbell Bannerman (14%) and Winston McKenzie (5.3%).[6]


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