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UK Power is an energy switching and price comparison service, which provides consumers and businesses with advice on energy tariffs. UK Power is one of a small number of switching sites with full accreditation from Consumer Focus, the government watchdog.[1] All Consumer Focus accredited websites are regulated so that they provide an impartial, comprehensive service. UK Power Limited ceased being a Confidence Code accredited site on 1 August 2017.[2]

Business model[edit]

In line with all UK gas and electricity price comparison services, the UK Power switching service is free to use for both home and business consumers. UK Power receive a commission from suppliers when a customer switches through their service. Their website states, "Some, but not all, suppliers pay a referral fee to UK Power for new customers. This does not affect the presentation of results in any way as we show results with complete impartiality as required by the Consumer Focus Confidence Code. All suppliers and tariffs are listed on this website regardless of commercial arrangements."[3]

UKPower and the Consumer Focus Confidence Code[edit]

The UK Power website was the fifth and final price comparison site to be accredited by ofgem on 22 November 2001 [2] before accreditation passed to Energywatch.

The accreditation authority was subsequently passed from Energywatch to Consumer Focus.[3]

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