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UK Student Climate Network
UKSCN Logo.jpg
UKSCN's current logo, designed in March 2019.
Founded1 December 2018; 14 months ago (2018-12-01)
FounderAnna Taylor, Ivi Hohmann, and Daniela Torres Perez.
Founded atLondon, England, United Kingdom
TypeStudent-led environmental organisation
PurposeClimate change mitigation
Area served
United Kingdom

UK Student Climate Network (UKSCN) is a student-led environmental organisation founded by Anna Taylor, then aged 17, on 1 December 2018, along with Ivi Hohmann and Daniela Torres Perez.[1]

UKSCN are a group of mainly under 18s who have been calling for peaceful strikes from school since February 2019, as part of the Youth Strike 4 Climate movement, with the ambition of getting the British Government to take action on the climate crisis by fulfilling their demands.[2] Their strikes have seen thousands of students across the UK leave or not go to school on one Friday every month.[3] The organisation is divided into regional groups that manage their area's local strikes.


They have four demands. Demand one is for the government to declare a climate emergency and implement a Green New Deal to achieve climate justice. Demand two is for the national curriculum to be reformed to address the ecological crisis as an educational priority. Demand three is for the government to communicate the severity of the ecological crisis and the necessity to act now to the general public and demand four is that the government recognises that young people have the biggest stake in the future, by incorporating youth views into policy making and bringing the voting age down to 16.[4]


The organisation is divided into the following regional groups that manage their area's local strikes: South East, South West, Midlands, Wales, North East, North West, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Isle of Man.

The number of volunteers helping the group has grown from around 30 in early March to an estimate of 300 by the end of April.[5]


Youth Strikers in Bristol in February 2019

UKSCN's first strike was held on 15 February 2019, under the name YouthStrike4Climate. It saw 15,000 British school students strike from schools in protest.[6][7]

This was followed by a second strike on 15 March 2019 which was coordinated with global Youth Strike 4 Climate protests that were held across the world, which saw 1.6 million students worldwide go on strike.[8] The organisation's demonstrations have grown in popularity, with an estimated total of 20,000 people in attendance at the demonstration held outside Parliament Square in London on 15 March and 50,000 nationwide. The strikes are in solidarity with other Youth Strike 4 Climate protests taking place across the world.[9][10]

Strikes also took place on 12 April, 24 May, 21 June and 19 July. On 20 September 2019, a general strike of adults and school students was planned.[11]


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