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The United Kingdom weather records note the most extreme weather ever recorded in the United Kingdom, such as the most and fewest hours of sunshine and highest wind speed.


As of December 2011, the records as recorded by the Met Office were:[1]


°C °F Location Date
Highest 38.5°C[1] 101.3°F Faversham, Kent 10 August 2003
Lowest -27.2°C[1] -17.0°F Braemar, Aberdeenshire 11 February 1895 and 10 January 1982
Altnaharra, Sutherland 30 December 1995


Duration Level Location Date
Highest 5-min total Approx. 32 mm[1] Preston, Lancashire 10 August 1893
Highest 30-min total 80 mm[1] Eskdalemuir, Dumfriesshire 26 June 1953
Highest 60-min total 92 mm[1] Maidenhead, Berkshire 12 July 1901
Highest 90-min total 117 mm[1] Dunsop Valley, Lancashire 8 August 1967
Highest 120-min total 193 mm[1][2] Walshaw Dean Lodge, Yorkshire 19 May 1989
Highest 155-min total 169 mm[1] Hampstead, London 14 August 1975
Highest 180-min total 178 mm[1] Horncastle, Lincolnshire 7 October 1960
Highest 24-hour total 316.4 mm[1] Seathwaite Farm, Cumbria 19 November 2009


Duration Location Date
Highest monthly total 383.9 hours[1] Eastbourne, Sussex July 1911
Lowest monthly total 0 hours[citation needed] Westminster, London December 1890

Wind speed[edit]

Ground Level Wind Speed Location Date
mph km/h knots
Low level 142 228 123[1] Fraserburgh, Aberdeenshire 13 February 1989
High level 173 278 150[1] Cairn Gorm 20 March 1986

Shetland holds the unofficial British record for wind speed, which in 1962 was recorded at 177 mph (285 km/h) at RAF Saxa Vord.[3]


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