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This article compares UML tools. UML tools are software applications which support some functions of the Unified Modeling Language.


Name Creator Platform / OS First public release Latest stable release Open source Software license Programming language used
ArgoUML Cross-platform (Java) 1998-04 2011-12-15[1] Yes EPL Java, C++ (as module)
Astah Change Vision, Inc. Cross-platform (Java) 2009-10-19 2019-01-30 No Commercial. Free education edition, subscription model Java
Free software community
Cross-platform (Java) Unknown 2010-06-23 Yes EPL Java
Borland Together Borland Cross-platform (Java) Unknown 2008 No Commercial Unknown
BOUML Bruno Pagès Cross-platform 2005-02-26 2019-07-15 No Free from v7.0, Commercial starting from v5.0 up to v6.12,GPL before v5.0[2] C++/Qt and Java ("plug-out")
Cacoo Nulab Windows 7+, Mac OS X October 2010 July 2018 No Commercial, Free edition available HTML5
CaseComplete Serlio Software Windows 2004 2013-04 No Commercial C#
ConceptDraw PRO CS Odessa Windows, macOS 1993 2010 (v9) No Commercial Unknown
Dia Alexander Larsson/GNOME Office Cross-platform (GTK+) 2004? 2012-07-05 Yes GPL C
Eclipse UML2 Tools[3] Eclipse Foundation Cross-platform (Java) 2007 2018-12-03 Yes EPL? Java
Edraw Max Edrawsoft Windows, Linux, macOS 2004 2015-03 No Commercial C++
Enterprise Architect Sparx Systems Windows (supports Linux and macOS installation) 2000 2019-03-06 No Commercial C++
Gliffy Gliffy Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer 9+ 2006-08-01 2015-01 (v. 5.1) No Commercial, Free trial HTML5 and JavaScript
JDeveloper Oracle Corporation Cross-platform (Java) Unknown Unknown No Freeware Java
Lucidchart Lucid Software Windows, macOS, Linux, Solaris 2008-12 2014-10-07 No Commercial / Free (educational) HTML5 and JavaScript
MagicDraw No Magic Cross-platform (Java) 1998 2017-02-20 (v18.5) No Commercial Java
Microsoft Visio Microsoft Windows 1992 2016 (v16.0) No Commercial Unknown
Microsoft Visual Studio Microsoft Windows 1997-02 2016-06-27 No Community & Express editions: Registerware; Enterprise, Professional & Others editions: Trialware C++, C#
Modelio Modeliosoft (SOFTEAM Group) Windows, Linux, macOS 2009 2019-04-17 (3.8.1) Yes GPL and Commercial Java
MyEclipse Genuitec Windows, Linux 2003[4] Unknown No Commercial Java
NClass Balazs Tihanyi Windows, macOS, Linux, Unix 2006-10-15 2011-06-06 Yes GPL C#
NetBeans[5] Oracle Corporation Windows, macOS, Linux, Unix 1996 2013-02-21 Yes CDDL or GPL2 Java
Open ModelSphere Grandite Cross-platform (Java) 2002-02 2009-11-04 Yes GPL Java
Papyrus Commissariat à l'Énergie Atomique, Atos Origin Windows, Linux, macOS (Java) 2013-06-27 2018-12 Yes EPL Java
PlantUML Arnaud Roques Cross-platform (Java) 1999-04-30 2017-09-03 Yes GPL Java
Poseidon for UML Gentleware Cross-platform (Java) Unknown 2009 No Commercial Java
PowerDesigner Sybase Windows 1989 2018 No Commercial Unknown
PragmaDev Studio PragmaDev Windows, Linux, OS X 2002 2018-02-07 No Free, Commercial Python, C, C++
Prosa UML Modeller Insoft Oy Windows 1996 2013-10-19 No Commercial C/C++
Rational Rhapsody IBM Windows, Linux 1996 2019-04-23 (8.4.0) - 2019-08-08 (8.4 Interim Fix 1) No Commercial C, C++, Java, Ada
Rational Rose XDE IBM Windows, Linux, Unix Unknown Unknown No IBM EULA Unknown
Rational Software Architect IBM Windows, Linux Early 1990s 2015-09-18 No IBM EULA Java/C++
Rational Software Modeler IBM Windows, Linux 2004-10-13 2008-09 No IBM EULA Unknown
Rational System Architect IBM Windows Unknown 2013-03-15 No Commercial Unknown
Reactive Blocks Bitreactive Windows, macOS, Linux 2011-11-13 2016-09-16 No Commercial, Free Community Edition Java
RISE RISE to Bloome Software Windows (.NET) 2008 2010-09-03 No Freeware C#
Software Ideas Modeler Dusan Rodina Windows (.NET), Linux (Mono) 2009-08-06[6] 2019-02-01 No Commercial, Freeware for non-commercial use C#
StarUML MKLab Windows, macOS, Linux 2005-11-01 2018-08-17 No Commercial Delphi
Umbrello UML Modeller Umbrello Team Unix-like; Windows 2006-09-09 2018-08-29 Yes GPL C++, KDE
UML Designer Obeo Windows, macOS, Linux 2012 2017-09-18 Yes EPL Java, Sirius
UMLet The UMLet Team Windows, macOS, Linux 2005-11-05[7] 2016-11-24[7] Yes GPL Java
UModel Altova Windows 2005-05 2018-10-17 No Commercial Java, C#, Visual Basic
Umple University of Ottawa Cross-platform; Java/Eclipse 2008 2018-02-19 Yes MIT License Umple, Java, PHP, Javascript
Visual Paradigm for UML Visual Paradigm Int'l Ltd. Cross-platform (Java) 2002-06-20 2018-11-28 No Commercial, Free Community Edition Java, C++
WhiteStarUML janszpilewski Windows 7-10 2011-12-18 2017-05-14[8] Yes GPL2 Delphi
yEd yWorks GmbH Windows, macOS, Linux, Unix Unknown 2016-07-15[9] No Free Java
Name Creator Platform / OS First public release Latest stable release Open source Software license Programming language used


Name UML 2 MDA XMI Templates Languages generated Languages reverse engineered Can be integrated with Details
PragmaDev Studio Yes Yes Partial No C, C++ No Integration with Reqtify traceability tool. Model simulator integrated with any FMI 2.0 supporting tool. Generated code can be integrated on the following RTOS: VxWorks, FreeRTOS, ThreadX, CMX, OSE Delta, OSE epsilon, uITRON 3, uITRON 4, Nucleus, posix, win32. Dedicated to modeling and testing of communicating systems. Based on ITU-T Z.109 UML profile, SDL-RT, SDL. The model can be simulated and can be exported to model checking tools. Full testing environment integrated based on TTCN-3.
ArgoUML No Yes Yes Unknown C++, C#, Java, PHP4, PHP5, Ruby Java (other languages with plugins) Unknown Closely follows the UML standard
Astah Yes No Yes Unknown Java, C++, C#, Python, Ruby and any other languages with plugins Java, C++, C#, PHP Mind Mapping, ER Diagram, DFD, Flowchart, CRUD, Traceability Map, Requirement Diagram and Requirement table. Provides API and Plugins, RTF, HTML Export.
ATL Yes No Yes No Unknown Unknown Available from the Eclipse M2M project (Model to Model). Can transform UML & EMF models into other models. It has a repository of transformations called ZOO about a large set of common industrial concerns and educational labs.
Borland Together Yes Yes No Yes Java 6, C++, CORBA Unknown Eclipse and MS VS.NET 2005
BOUML Yes Yes Yes Yes C++, Java, PHP, IDL, Python, MySQL C++, Java, PHP, MySQL Unknown UML 2. Solid code roundtrip, fast. Extensible through "plug-outs" written in C++ or Java
Cacoo Yes Unknown Unknown Yes Unknown Unknown Google Drive, Google Docs, Typetalk, Adobe Creative Cloud, Slack, Atlassian Confluence, Dropbox, Visio, Box.
CaseComplete Unknown Unknown Export Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Provides management and editing of use cases, their flow of events, and referenced requirements. Supports use case and activity diagrams.
Dia Partly No No No Included Python script 'export filter' to Python, C++, JavaScript, Pascal, Java, PHP; external tools add Ada, C, PHP5, Ruby, shapefile, C#, SQL (Sybase, Postgres, Oracle, DB/2, MS-SQL, MySQL, …) No No Uses Python as scripting language
Eclipse UML2 Tools Yes Yes Yes Yes Java (or Eclipse project supported?) Java (or Eclipse project supported?) Eclipse Ten UML 2 diagram types.
Enterprise Architect Yes Yes Yes Supports MDA templates and Code Generation templates ActionScript, C, C#, C++, Delphi, Java, PHP, Python, Visual Basic, Visual Basic .NET, DDL, EJB, XML Schema, Ada, VHDL, Verilog, WSDL, BPEL, Corba IDL ActionScript, C, C#, C++, Delphi, Java, PHP, Python, Visual Basic, Visual Basic .NET, DDL, XML Schema, WSDL Eclipse & Visual Studio UML 2.5, SysML, BPMN, SoaML, SOMF, WSDL, XSD, ArchiMate. Frameworks: UPDM, Zachman, TOGAF. Forward and Reverse Engineering for code and Database. Model Driven Integrated Development (Edit/Build/Debug) for Java, .Net, PHP & GNU compilers. Simulates Activity, State Machine, Sequence and BPMN diagrams.
Gliffy Yes Unknown Unknown Yes Unknown Unknown Google apps, Google drive, JIRA, Confluence Has libraries of shapes for: UML class, sequence, activity, use case and more.
Lucidchart Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Google Drive, Google Apps, JIRA, Confluence, Jive, and Box.
MagicDraw Yes Yes Yes Yes Java, C++, C#, CIL, CORBA IDL, DDL, EJB, XML Schema, WSDL Java, C++, C#, CIL, CORBA IDL, DDL, EJB, XML Schema, WSDL Eclipse, EMF, NetBeans UML 2.3, Full round-trip support for Java, C++, C#, CL (MSIL) and CORBA IDL, Report generator from template in RTF, HTML, XML, ODT, ODS, ODP, and Text (DOCX, XLSX, PPTX since 16.8).
Microsoft Visio Plugin Unknown Plugin Plugin Unknown Unknown Unknown
Modelio Yes Yes Yes Yes Java, C++, C#, XSD, WSDL, SQL Java, C++, C# Eclipse,EMF Full UML2, BPMN2, ArchiMate3. Documentation generation in HTML.Extensions providing documentation generation in Open XML format, support for TOGAF, SysML, SoaML, Hibernate, OMG MARTE standard. Support of model fragments for collaboration. Support of design patterns.
MyEclipse Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
NClass Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown C#, Java C#, Java Unknown
NetBeans Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Java Java Unknown Has to be installed as a plug in to enable the UML modeling.
Open ModelSphere No Unknown Unknown Yes Java, SQL Java Unknown Supports data, business-process and UML modeling
Papyrus Yes Unknown Yes Unknown Ada 2005, C/C++, Java addins Unknown Eclipse
PlantUML Yes Unknown Export Unknown Unknown C#, grails, Java, Lua, PHP, SqlALchemy Chrome, Word, Open Office, Google Docs, J2EE Servlet, JQuery, Sublime, Eclipse, NetBeans, IntelliJ, LaTeX, Emacs, Doxygen, etc.[10] Creates diagrams using simple text language. Sequence, use case, class, activity, component, state, object, and UI mock diagrams are supported. Outputs images in PNG or SVG format.
Poseidon for UML Yes Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Commercial version of ArgoUML
PowerDesigner Yes Yes Yes Yes Java, C#, VB .NET Unknown Eclipse Data-modeling, business-process modeling - round trip engineering
Prosa UML Modeller Yes Yes Open modelbase Yes C++ Java, C#, SQL DDL and SQL queries C++ Java and C# class headers are synchronized between diagrams and code in real-time Programmer's workbenches, documentation tools, version control systems Supports following UML diagrams: Use case diagram, Sequence diagram, Collaboration diagram, Class diagram, Statechart diagram, Activity diagram, Component diagram, Deployment diagram and Package diagram
Rational Rhapsody Yes Yes Yes Yes C++, C, Java, Ada, Corba, Customizable for other languages C++, C, Java, Ada, Customizable for other languages Visual Studio, Eclipse, TcSE, WindRiver, Green Hills, QNX, Linux, Mathworks Simulink, DOORS, customizable for others Targets real-time or embedded systems and software using industry standard languages (UML, SysML, AUTOSAR, DoDAF, MODAF, UPDM, DDS), full production-quality code generation (structural, behavioral, functional), simulation, model based testing, integration with numerous real time operating systems and IDE's
Rational Rose XDE No Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Rational Software Architect Yes Yes Yes Unknown Java, C#, C++, EJB, WSDL, XSD, IDL, SQL Java, C++, .NET Eclipse
Rational Software Modeler Yes Yes Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Eclipse
Rational System Architect No Unknown Export Unknown C++, Java, WSDL C++, Java, WSDL Unknown
Reactive Blocks Yes No Yes No Java Unknown Eclipse Code generation from Activity Diagrams for J2SE, OSGi, Kura, and ESF, unit testing via JUnit, supports formal analysis and state space simulation
Software Ideas Modeler Yes Yes Yes Yes ActionScript, C++, C#, Delphi, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Ruby, SQL DDL, VB.NET, VB6, XSD C++, C#, VB.NET, Java, Object Pascal, PHP, Ruby Unknown UML, BPMN, SysML, ArchiMate, JSD, Data Flow Diagram, Flowchart, Robustness Diagram, CRC, ERD, Mixed Diagram, HTA, UI, Venn, Behavior Tree, Structure Chart, Decision Table, Roadmap, Computer Network Diagram, Layer Diagram, Web Page Diagram, Grafcet, custom diagrams
StarUML Yes Yes Import Yes Java,C#,C++ Java,C++,C# Code Generator and Reverse Engineer JavaScript, Node.js Plug-in architecture: JavaScript, HTML5, Node.js
Umbrello UML Modeller Yes[11] Yes Yes Unknown C++, Java, Perl, PHP, Python … 16 C++, IDL, Pascal/Delphi, Ada, Python, Java; import XMI, RoseMDL KDE
UML Designer Yes Yes Yes Unknown Any kind of languages as it is compatible with code generator tools like Eclipse UMLGenerators or Acceleo Any kind of languages supported by Eclipse UML Generators Eclipse Open source under EPL license, based on Eclipse, EMF, Sirius
UMLet No Unknown Unknown No Unknown Unknown Eclipse
UModel Yes Yes Yes Yes Java, C#, Visual Basic Java, C#, Visual Basic Eclipse, Visual Studio Also supports business process modeling, SysML, and database modeling
Umple Class, State, Composite Structure only No Yes Yes Java, C++, SQL, Alloy, NuSMV, yUML, USE Java Command-line tools, Embeddable in web pages, Eclipse Input or export can be by diagram or Umple textual form, separation of concerns (aspects, traits, mixins), embeds action code in Java and other languages, written in itself, documentation generation, plugin architecture for generators
Visual Paradigm for UML Yes Unknown Commercial version Unknown Java, C#, C++, PHP, Ada, Action Script (all only in commercial version) Java, C# (binary), C++, PHP (all only in commercial version) Eclipse, NetBeans, IntelliJ and Visual Studio UML 2.4.1, SysML, BPMN, SoaML, SOMF, WSDL, XSD, ArchiMate. Frameworks: UPDM, Zachman, TOGAF. Forward and Reverse Engineering for code and Database. Model Driven Integrated Development (Edit/Build/Debug) for Java and .Net. Simulates Activity, State Machine, Sequence and BPMN diagrams. (only in commercial version)
WhiteStarUML Yes Yes Import Yes Java 1.5,C#,C++, SQL Java 1.5,C#,C++, SQL Unknown WhiteStarUml is a fork of StarUML with an intent to revive its Delphi code base by updating code to recent Delphi editions, reducing dependence on third party components and fixing bugs and adding new features.
yEd Unknown No No[12] Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Name UML 2 MDA XMI Templates Languages generated Reverse engineered languages Can be integrated with Details


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