UMM Alter 2000

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UMM Alter 2000
Body and chassis
ClassOff Road Vehicle
LayoutFR layout/All wheel drive
Engine2.1L XUD 110 PS I4 Turbodiesel
Transmission5-speed Manual

In the year 2000, UMM launched a new version of the Alter, the Alter 2000. With a new 2.1 Turbo Diesel engine made by Peugeot, this engine was quieter, more fuel efficient and had more torque. The suspension, the brakes system and interior (mainly dashboard) were redesigned. It was available in several trims and chassis configurations. Only 25 cars were made, the majority still in Portugal.

The Engine[edit]

The Alter 2000 was only available with a 2.1 Litre, Indirect Injection, 12v, Turbo Diesel engine which delivered 110 PS. This is engine that was also featured in the Peugeot 406, Peugeot 605 and in the Citröen XM.


As optional equipment the Alter 2000 had available air conditioning, leather seats, GPS Navigation, etc.

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