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UM Broadcasting Network, Inc.
Industry Broadcast radio network
Founded 1949
Headquarters Davao City, Philippines
Key people
Guillermo Torres, Jr. (Executive Vice President And Chief Operating Officer)
Albert Sikat (Vice President for Sales)
Owner University of Mindanao

The University of Mindanao Broadcasting Network (UMBN) is a commercial broadcasting company in Mindanao. It is founded in 1949 by University of Mindanao in Davao City. It runs AM & FM Stations in Mindanao while its affiliate, Ditan Communications run the Visayas FM Stations.

In Davao City, its flagship stations are DXUM 819 kHz. in the AM band and DXWT Wild WT 92.3 MHz.

UMBN Stations[edit]

AM Stations[edit]

Callsign Frequency Power (Watts) Location
DXUM Radyo Ukay 819 kHz 10 kW Davao
DXDN 936 kHz 10 kW Tagum
DXCM 1089 kHz 10 kW Cotabato
DXMV 1134 kHz 10 kW Valencia, Bukidnon
DXLL 1044 kHz 10 kW Zamboanga

FM Stations[edit]

Brand Callsign Frequency Power (Watts) Location
103.5 Retro Cebu* DYCD 103.5 MHz 25 kW Cebu
Wild 92.7 Iloilo* DYWT 92.7 MHz 10 kW Iloilo
Wild 92.3 WT Davao DXWT 92.3 MHz 25 kW Davao
Wild Zee 94.3 Cagayan De Oro DXWZ 94.3 MHz 10 kW Cagayan De Oro
Wild 103.1 Iligan DXIL 103.1 MHz 10 kW Iligan
Wild 98.5 Butuan DXBB 98.5 MHz 10 kW Butuan
Wild 99.1 General Santos DXRT 99.1 MHz 10 kW General Santos
Wild 91.5 Zamboanga DXKZ 91.5 MHz 10 kW Zamboanga
95.5 Hit Radio** DXKR-FM 95.5 MHz 10 kW Davao

*Ditan Communications affiliate. **Blocktimed. Owned by ACWS-United Broadcasting Network.

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