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Industry Funding-Production-Financing-Development-Visual effects-Finishing
Founded 2010
Founder Nadia Khamlichi
Adrian Politowski
Jeremy Burdek
Headquarters Brussels, Belgium
Number of employees

Founded by Nadia Khamlichi, Jeremy Burdek and Adrian Politowski,Umedia is a vertically integrated, international film group with 160 staff based in London, Brussels, Paris, Vancouver and Los Angeles. The company is one of Europe’s leading production groups, combining the activities of development, production, financing, visual effects and finishing. Since its inception in 2004, Umedia has invested more than $500 million via its tax shelter, equity and development funds, and has been involved in 320 films including GRACE OF MONACO, JOHN WICK, YVES SAINT LAURENT and multi-Academy Award-winning THE ARTIST.

Umedia’s recent growth strategy has included the acquisition of TV production company Be-FILMS and independent production company Nexus Factory, as well as a first-look development deal with the award winning prolific producers Egoli Tossell.

Activity and organisation of the Umedia group[edit]


Jeremy Burdek, Nadia Khamlichi and Adrian Politowski

Nadia Khamlichi, Adrian Politowski and Jeremy Burdek created Motion Investment Group (renamed uFund in 2010) in 2004. After 109 million euros were raised[1] via the Tax Shelter in Belgium and 78 films cofinanced[1] up till 2009, they decided to expand their cinematographic activities and founded Umedia in 2010.


Umedia is the parent company of the following businesses: fundraising (uFund), production, development, VFX and finishing.


Formerly called Motion Investment Group, uFund, the financing arm of Umedia, is responsible for fundraising via the mechanism of the Tax Shelter.[2] Raising over 50 million euros a year, uFund finances between 30 and 40 projects every year and is one of the main sources of audiovisual financing in Belgium in 2017.

Production & Financing[edit]

Umedia Production & financing is involved in:

  • co-production and investment of Tax Shelter funds in a selection of films
  • line production in Belgium of international films
  • development of original projects in various genres (thrillers, dramas, comedy, etc.).

Umedia VFX[edit]

Founded in 2010, the Umedia VFX studio now operates in 3 different cities: Paris, Brussels, and Vancouver. Specialized in visual effects, we offer complete services from budgeting, previz, design, to set supervision and 2D & 3D effects.


Based in Vancouver, Finishing is the latest addition to the group.

Some awards and nominations for Umedia films[edit]



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