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UNACO (an initialism for the United Nations Anti-Crime Organization) is a fictional agency within the United Nations created by author Alistair MacLean in a series of movie outlines he developed before his death. These outlines were made into full-length novels by numerous authors, most notably Alastair MacNeill. UNACO uses groups of people to form "strike forces". Each strike force has a leader who communicates with UNACO's top commanders. UNACO also works with other agencies around the world.


...in September 1979 the Secretary-General of the United Nations chaired a meeting attended by 46 envoys representing virtually every country in the world.... The objective of UNACO was to "avert, neutralize, and/or apprehend individuals or groups engaged in international criminal activities." ...UNACO's clandestine existence began on March 1, 1980.[1]


  • Malcolm Philpott - founder and head of UNACO, a former professor at a New England university. [2]
  • Mike Graham - a former Delta Force officer and CIA operative, Graham's pregnant wife was killed by a terrorist.[3]
  • Clarence Wilkins Whitlock - C.W. is an African-American cat burglar, dubbed the "Black Spiderman". [4]
  • Sabrina Carver - a high class jewel thief, Sabrina like C.W. was personally recruited by Philpott. [5]

List of works[edit]

Year Title Notes
1980 Hostage Tower by John Denis
1981 Air Force One is Down by John Denis
1989 Death Train by Alastair MacNeill
1989 Night Watch by Alastair MacNeill
1990 Red Alert by Alastair MacNeill
1991 Time of the Assassins by Alastair MacNeill
1992 Dead Halt by Alastair MacNeill
1993 Code Breaker by Alastair MacNeill
1997 Prime Target by Hugh Miller
1998 Borrowed Time by Hugh Miller


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Formation excerpted from the Prologue of all the UNACO novels.