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United Nations Association of South Africa University of Cape Town
UNASA UCT Logo.jpg
Established 2007
Abbreviation UNASA UCT
Organization Student Organisation(NPO)
Affiliation United Nations Associations, WFUNA
Focus Development
Headquarters University of Cape Town
Location Cape Town, South Africa
Members 500+
Executive committee 8 member board
Web address http://www.unasauct.org.za

The United Nations Association of South Africa University of Cape Town is a student organization affiliated with the United Nations Associations collectively known as WFUNA and is a registered society at the University of Cape Town.[1] UNASA UCT is also an official chapter of the United Nations Association of South Africa (UNASA).[2]

The national body[edit]

UNASA is a non-governmental organisation whose objective is to support the principles, goals and programmes of the United Nations (UN) and its agencies. UNASA UCT is a chapter of a national organisation: the United Nations Association of South Africa. There are United Nations Associations (UNAs) in a number of countries throughout the world. Together, these UNAs form the World Federation of United Nations Associations (WFUNA).


UNASA UCT was founded in 2007 at the University of Cape Town (UCT) as a society and a branch of the national United Nations-ASA body. The membership has grown steadily over the years and, and in 2011, the society had over 250 members[citation needed]. After "Orientation Week" in February 2012, UNASA UCT recruited over 500 members making it one of the biggest student societies in South Africa and is currently one of the most active and prominent societies at UCT.[citation needed]


UNASA UCT aims to provide a platform for University of Cape Town students to contribute to the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals of the United Nations as well as creating awareness and facilitating discourse about current and historic affairs that shape the world. The organization also aims to unite students from all over the world to exchange ideas, perceptions and experiences. Furthermore, UNASA UCT strongly desires to be proactive in the national and international realm and to campaign against youth apathy and ignorance.[3]

Annual events and campaigns[edit]

School MUN 2011 conference in progress at Provincial Parliament in Cape Town

Model United Nations (MUN)[edit]

UNASA UCT has held many annual events throughout the years with the most prominent being the university-level Model United Nations (MUN) conference. Model United Nations (also Model UN or MUN) is an academic simulation of the United Nations that aims to educate participants about current events, topics in international relations, diplomacy and the United Nations agenda.[4] Interest at the University of Cape Town from students to participate increases each year and the popularity of the MUN has grown immensely. In 2011, an inaugural School Model United Nations was organized by UNASA UCT which brought together around 20 schools in Cape Town and allowed high school kids to be exposed to a MUN. It was held at Western Cape Provincial Parliament in Cape Town.[5]

A marching band performs at the University of Cape Town during Blue Week

Blue Week[edit]

UNASA UCT hosted its inaugural Blue Week at the University of Cape Town in 2011- a week dedicated to promoting the MDGs and creating awareness to the student body about existing social issues. Blue Week is now an annual event. It exposes UCT students to current issues and discourse that affect the wider community in terms of race, human rights and poverty.

The campaigns and events run during Blue Week include the E-RACE IT campaign, primary Blue Week theme to create awareness on existing racism and issues surrounding racial discrimination ; End Poverty Now Campaign, aimed to establish consciousness of ongoing poverty and encourage students to contribute to eradication of poverty; MDGs education day, one day in Blue Week dedicated to creating awareness about the MDGs amongst students; and a Human Rights seminar, a thought provoking discussion of the current trends in human rights.

Other annual events[edit]

UNASA UCT also organizes other events during the year including a pub quiz, tree planting days, UN career talks and movie screenings.

Executive Committees[edit]


  • Chairperson: Thandeka Cochrane
  • Vice Chairperson: Rumbi Masango
  • Secretary: Calvin Scholtz
  • Treasurer: Christine Immenga
  • Project Coordinator: Shingrai Maparura
  • MUN Coordinator: Stacey-Leigh Titus
  • Funding & Marketing Coordinator: Noxolo Ntshaba:


  • Chairperson: Trevor McArthur
  • Treasurer: Kudzai Mudzengerere
  • Secretary: Shilpi Jain
  • Accountant: Christine Immenga
  • Project Coordinator: Andrew Mbambezeli
  • Internal Relations and Marketing: Tsholofelo Xaba
  • Internal Relations and Marketing: Lindelwa Skenjana
  • External Relations: Anna Malczyk
  • MUN Co-ordinator: Pajaé Schlebusch


  • Chairperson: Cheneal Puljevic
  • Vice-Chair: Sarah Koopman
  • Treasurer: Tshego Thulare
  • Secretary: La'eeqah Galant
  • MUN co-ordinator: Thandeka Cochrane
  • External Relations: Shilpi Jain
  • Internal Relations: Bushra Gules


  • Chairperson: Ali Kiyaei
  • Deputy Chairperson: Cheneal Puljevic
  • Secretary: Gracia Munganga
  • Political Affairs: Lolly Mtembu
  • Deputy MUN Coordinator: Rebecca Muting'a
  • Social Affairs: Sahar Mohyuddin
  • MUN coordinator: Thandeka Cochrane
  • Treasurer: Thsego Thulare
  • Public Relations: Zintle Bom


  • Chairperson: Ali Kiyaei
  • Deputy Chair/MUN Coord: Anade Situma
  • Secretary: Karusha Naidoo
  • Treasurer: Kimeshan Naidoo
  • Media & Marketing: Muma Khumalo


  • Chairperson: Kimeshan Naidoo
  • Deputy Chairperson: Josh Platzky Miller
  • Secretary: Helen Matienga
  • Treasurer: Karusha Naidoo
  • Marketing: Maletsabisa Molapo
  • Public Relations: Jean Smuts
  • University MUN Coordinator: Darren Brookbanks
  • School MUN Coordinator: Tafadzwa Mautsa


  • Chairperson: Darren Brookbanks
  • Deputy Chairperson: Jessica Hichens
  • Secretary: Anye Nyamnjoh
  • Treasurer: Kunaal Maharaj
  • External Projects and Public Relations: Lavani Moodley
  • Marketing: Ayanda Nxusani
  • IT Director: Oluyomi Olufemi Kabiawu



Awards: UCT Team of the Year 2012

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