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UNESCO Nadezhda K. Krupskaya literacy prize' was named after Russian politician of the Soviet era Nadezhda K. Krupskaya. The prize was sponsored by the government of the Soviet Union in the period 1970-1992.

List of Winners and Honourable Mentions[edit]

Year Winner Honourable Mention Ref
1970 Language and Literature Institute of the Academy of Sciences, Mongolian People's Republic [1]
1971 Zambia Adult Literacy Programme, Zambia [1]
1972 Education Corps Iran [1]
1973 Literacy Project, West Lake Region, Tanzania [1]
1974 Shyorongi Community Development Centre, (CEDECOS), Rwanda [1][2]
1975 Abdirizak Mohamoud Abukar, Somalia [1][3]
1976 Literacy Department of the Ministry of Ecuation and Culture, Syrian Arab Republic [1][4]
1977 award deferred, later awarded in 1979 [5][6]
1978 The Commune of Cambinh, Pilot Literacy and Complementary Education Unit, submitted by the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam [7]
1979 [6]
1980 Nicaraguan Literacy Campaign, Nicaragua National Literacy Centre of Angola, Angola [8]
1981 Federation of Cuban Women, Cuba [9]
1982 Directorate of Non-Formal and Adult Education of Tamil Nadu, India [10]
1984 Cuban National Association of the Blind, Cuba [11]
1985 Xiengkho District, Lao People's Democratic Republic [12]
1986 Wu Lien County, Shandong Province, China [13]
1988 National Literacy Centre, Angola [14]

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