UNIFI (trade union)

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UNIFI logo.jpg
Founded 1999
Date dissolved 2004
Merged into Amicus
Members 150,000 (approx.)
Affiliation TUC, A4F
Key people Ed Sweeney (general secretary)
Country United Kingdom

UNIFI was a trade union representing worked in the finance sector in Britain. The name UNiFI was briefly adopted by the Barclays Group Staff Union in 1999. Later in the year, the union merged with the Banking, Insurance and Finance Union and the NatWest Staff Association, and the new organisation chose the very similar name "UNIFI". In 2004, UNIFI merged with Amicus.[1] The organisation's general secretary was Ed Sweeney,[2] and the national secretary was Rob MacGregor.[3]

General Secretaries[edit]

1999: Rory Murphy and Ed Sweeney