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UNIX Review
Editor Joe Casad, Rikki Endsley, Christi Bear
Categories Computer magazines
Year founded 1983
Final issue 2000
Country United States
Based in Renton, Washington
Language English
ISSN 0742-3136
OCLC number 477140341

UNIX Review was an American magazine covering technical aspects of the UNIX operating system and C programming. Recognized for its in-depth technical analyses,[1] the journal also reported on industry confabs and included some lighter fare.

History and profile[edit]

It was founded in 1983.[2][3] In 1985 it was acquired by Miller Freeman.[3] The journal was renamed to UNIX Review's Performance Computing (UR/PC) Magazine with the April 1998 issue,[4] and ceased publication in 2000.[3] The on-line publication ceased in 2007.[5] It was published by REVIEW Publications of Renton, Washington. The rights to the title are currently owned by United Business Media (formerly CMP Media),[5][6] but the UnixReview.com website is no longer active and the archives have been destroyed or hidden.

Regular contributors[edit]

  • Andrew Binstock, (editor in chief from 1991–1997), wrote "Word Wrap from the Editor"
  • John Chisholm (1992-1995), wrote "Currents" column
  • Stan Kelly-Bootle, writer of the "Devil's Advocate" column
  • Ken Arnold, writer of the "The C Advisor" column
  • Rich Morin, writer of the "The Human Factor" and "The Internet Notebook" columns
  • Joe "Zonker" Brockmeier, writer of the "Tool of the Month" column
  • Ed Schaefer, writer of the "Shell Corner" column
  • Dinah McNutt, writer of the "Daemons and Dragons" column
  • Cameron Laird, regular contributor
  • Emmett Dulaney, regular contributor
  • Marcel Gagné, regular contributor[7]
  • Eric Foster-Johnson, regular contributor


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