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UN Association of Georgia (UNAG or UNA Georgia) is a non-profit organization that aims to advance the development of democracy and civil society in Georgia and the South Caucasus. It works to enhance civil participation in decision-making on national and international levels.[1]

In 2010, UNAG was awarded for its contributions to the development of the culture of tolerance in Georgia, by the Council of National Minorities under the Public Defender of Georgia. UNAG was also awarded the Global Tolerance Award in 2003 by the Friends of the United Nations.


UNAG was established in 1995[2] and is based in Tbilisi, Georgia. UNAG operates on national and regional levels through its branch offices Georgia-wide and partnerships with different local civil society organizations. UNAG has been a member of the World Federation of United Nations Associations (WFUNA) since 1996.

Democracy and Governance[edit]

Working independently and through partnerships with other national civil society organizations, UNAG aims to strengthen the organization of democratic institutions and promote good governance. UNAG encourages cooperation of public and civil institutions, supports transparency and promotes demand-driven civil development.

UNAG supports the government to operate in a manner consistent with democratic values of transparency, representation, and accountability. UNAG also focuses on further development of CSOs in Georgia so they can better respond to and advocate the needs of beneficiary groups.

Refugees and Migration[edit]

UNAG works in coordination with international agencies to advance understanding of both voluntary migration and forced displacement, helping to develop response tools of governmental and non-governmental organizations in Georgia.

UNAG has been an implementing partner of UNHCR since 1998.

Information and Analysis[edit]

The UNAG Information and Analysis service develops products based on research and experience accumulated in other UNAG programs. In addition, it creates original products directed at equipping local and international policy communities with accurate and updated information and analysis on political, economic, and social developments in Georgia.

UNAG integrates its policy and operational capabilities. In shaping its projects and programmes, the organization relies on its research activities, which provide relevant qualitative and quantitative data. In turn, research is usually incorporated into project cycle management, so that each implemented activity brings in new data, which helps us improve our work to better address the needs of our target groups.

Youth and Education[edit]

UNAG aims to offer all children and adolescents a safe space within which they can learn about issues related to human rights and social change. UNAG also seeks to develop youth awareness, leadership, community building, and critical thinking skills through participation with peers and decision makers nationally and globally.

The UNAG Youth and Education Program aims to develop the analytical, research, and self-expression skills that young people need to think critically about their world and engage actively in democratic processes. Activities conducted within this area seek to advance opportunities and resources for youth through education initiatives, school reform, and extracurricular programs.

Model UN[edit]

UNAG has been conducting Model UN conferences since 1996. Model UN is a world-wide interactive role-playing game which includes the simulation of UN agencies such as a Security Council, a General Assembly, an Economic and Social Council etc. The participants of Model UN pretend to be ambassadors from UN member countries to debate on current issues from the organization’s agenda.

UNAG, the first organization having introduced the simulation game to Georgia, conducts Model UN conferences at Georgian Universities on national and regional levels.

UNAG Donors and Partners[edit]

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