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UN Live
UN Live Logo.png
LocationCopenhagen, Denmark
DirectorJan Mattsson
CEOMolly Fannon

The Museum for the United Nations — UN Live is a future museum of the United Nations based in Copenhagen.[1][2] It was officially announced on United Nations Day 2016[3] with a mission to "connect people everywhere to the work and values of the United Nations and catalyze global effort towards achieving its goals".[4] it is envisaged to have a "bottom-up and participatory" content strategy[5][6] across three "platforms":[7]

  • UN Live Online
  • UN Live Building, "the main physical presence and face of UN Live", to be in Copenhagen, Denmark, and to planned to open in 2023.[8]
  • UN Live Network, "the global, physical presence of UN Live" in partnership with other UN facilities, museums, educational institutions.

Confirmation of the plan was announced in October 2016, with digital services operating from 2017, before the physical building is constructed, with a five-year budget of €350 million.[9]


The museum's executive director is Jan Mattsson, formerly the Executive Director of the United Nations Office for Project Services.[10] The associate director is Michael Edson, formerly the director of web and new media strategy at the Smithsonian Institution.[11][12] Announced in 2019, the CEO is Molly Voss Fannon, formerly director of international relations, also at the Smithsonian Institution.[13]

The organisation also has an eight person advisory council. As of March 2019 this consists of:[14]

Pre-feasibility report[edit]

External video
A global museum built from the bottom upTEDx presentation by Michael Edson, September 2016
Vil have museum til DanmarkDR1 news broadcast, June 11, 2018. With statements by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and Danish Finance Minister Kristian Jensen

Launched in 2015, the pre-feasibility study called for funding over a five-year period of €356 million.[15] The "immediate next steps" of the project were described as: securing a UN General Assembly Resolution supporting the project (drafted by the Danish Permanent Representative to the UN); writing a detailed feasibility study (including exact project costings, plans for an architectural competition and site analysis, and legal due-diligence); and confirming funding commitments from "Danish, Nordic and international foundations".[15]

In 2014 an "Association for a UN Live Museum" was established, registered as a voluntary association (Frivillig forening) based in Copenhagen, to undertake the pre-feasibility phase of the project.[16] It was funded and supported by Bikubenfonden,[17] Rambøll, Realdania, the Nordea Foundation, the Obel Foundation,[18] and Mattsson's own company M-Trust Leadership.[19] The "head of secretariat" for the Association is Henrik Skovby, founder of Dalberg Global Development Advisors, who worked for the United Nations Development Programme when Mattsson was its Assistant Secretary-General[20] and the Chair of the "design and content committee" for the study was artist Olafur Eliasson.[21]


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