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UPEI Student Union
Institution University of Prince Edward Island
Location Charlottetown, PEI
President Dana Kenny
Vice presidents

VP Academic & External: Johnathan Rix, Interim VP Communications: Alexandra Heighington , VP Student Life: Nathan Hood,

VP Finance: Dmitri Zhukalin
Affiliations CASA
Colours Green & White
General Manager Melissa Morrow
Website upeisu.ca

The UPEI Student Union provides many services and amenities to the full-time student population at the University of Prince Edward Island through a student fee collected by the university. The campus pub, The Wave, a full menu restaurant and pub hosts many local and touring live music performances . UPEI Student Union Council sits bi-weekly throughout the academic semester with faculty and special interest group representatives.

Many faculties and departments have formed student societies which actively organize social activities on and off campus throughout the year. Social activities are also organized within the student residences on campus.

The UPEI Student Union publishes a student newspaper called The Cadre, which was unsuccessfully renamed Panther Post in 2009.[1] The paper gained attention by becoming one of the first Canadian publications to print the controversial Muhammad cartoons from the Jyllands-Posten.[2]


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