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UPS Capital, the financial services business unit of United Parcel Service Inc, offers traditional and non-traditional financial services and insurance products.

UPS Capital
Headquarters Atlanta, Georgia
Parent United Parcel Service Inc


UPS Capital was founded in 1998, and commenced operations in 1999. UPS Capital started its first product for its improvement for delivery for UPS by creating C. O. D. to gain finance for other programs, which were pending contract signing in other nations. C. O. D received approval from its parent company, and started accelerating and securing the fundraisers and other benefits. In 2000, It expanded its insurance agency to license and operate all 50 states around the United States.[1] In 2004, It asked for approval for contract signing for faster, and improvement on processing prices on expenses. After its expansion in revenue over $200,000(In US Dollars) in 2011, contract signing for offices in other nations was approved, resulting over 3,000 offices in 21 countries 2011–present


UPS Capital is headquartered in Georgia, in its capital, Atlanta.

Industrial Services[edit]

UPS Capital serves the following Industrial Equipment or other Brief Items for Delivery(As of December 2016),

  • Automotive
  • Healthcare
  • High Tech
  • Industrial Manufacturing
  • Professional Services
  • Retail

UPS Capital announced in October 2016, to research more approved items and deliveries for these services

Office Locations[edit]

These are UPS Capital's office locations.[2]

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