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In 1981 Tyco Toys began selling HO scale, or 1/87 scale slot trucks. Similar to HO Scale racing sets, it had two lane track with various lengths and shapes available, and, unlike its racing counterparts, the vehicles traveled in the normal fashion employed on American roads. As to suit the driving style, the controllers were not hand-held, but were intended to resemble the dashboard of a truck, with a steering wheel (to control the speed) and a shifter mounted to the side (to control the direction). Some trucks pulled trailers, some (like the dump truck) did not. The line was unique because of the ability to pick up and deliver the loads, doing so with help from various accessories including a pipe loader, and a gravel loader, all without intervention from the operator.

The roadway had special junctions, allowing the trucks to reverse into special loading and unloading docks. Loading/unloading was done automatically, usually by contact with the truck reversing in, but in the case of the crane, bulldozer and airport the movement was driven by the reversing trucks revolving wheels, as it was held against a stop block.

The truck chassis were all basically of the same mechanical design. There was a universal clip in type motor that drove the rear axle, with pick-ups and guide pins at each end. Some trucks had a pivot for attaching a trailer, some had headlights, the wrecker had a flashing amber light, the fire engine a flashing red light and a bell. These flashing lights and bell were all mechanically activated.

Vehicle types produced included Peterbilt and Kenworth truck cabs: the Peterbilt type appeared as a Tractor unit, a tipper, a covered truck and a wrecker. The Kenworth only appeared as a tractor. There were also a Police Car, a Taxi a pick-up truck and a Firebird coupe - The latter appeared in both powered and unpowered form, the latter for towing by the wrecker.

There were later two types of Stompers, which were large high up 4x4 types - one a with a special 4x4 type body, the other re-used a pick-up truck body that had been issued earlier in the range. The chassis were mechanically the same as the rest of the range, but sat higher off the ground and required special 4x4 type tires that were larger than the rest of the series.

There were various loading and unloading docks and a range of three plastic construction kits of a gas station, diner and freight depot.

The track was the same type as the Tyco Quick Clik series, but moulded in gray. There were two types of junction made for the range, that the accessories could connect to. All sets came with 9" radius 90 degree curves. The least common items are the Rail-Road Grade Crossing and the 12" radius curves.

The US-1 Trucking series was produced until 1986.

Despite having a short life, the range is avidly collected and replica tires and pick up shoes are available from traders on e-bay

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