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U.S. Highway 14 marker

U.S. Highway 14
US 14 highlighted in solid red and US 14A highlighted in dashed red
Route information
Maintained by WYDOT
Length 449.21 mi[1] (722.93 km)
Existed 1936 – present
Major junctions
West end US 16 / US 20 at Yellowstone National Park
East end I-90 / US 14 at the South Dakota state line
Highway system
WYO 13 WYO 14

In the U.S. state of Wyoming, U.S. Highway 14 (US 14) runs east to west across the northern part of the state. The road connects South Dakota on the east with Yellowstone National Park on the west. It is mostly a two lane surface road except for several sections that it shares with Interstate 90.

Route description[edit]

US 14 north towards Devils Tower

While the official western terminus of the road is at the Eastern gate of Yellowstone National Park[2] there is an unsigned section within the park itself starting at a junction with U.S. Route 89 and U.S. Route 287 at West Thumb and following the northern shore of Yellowstone Lake. From the park US 14 is co-signed with U.S. Route 16 and U.S. Route 20. The roads lead east out of the Absaroka Range and down the Shoshone River valley to Cody. Here, U.S. Route 14 Alternate (US 14A) splits north toward Powell, while US 14/16/20 continues east across the Bighorn Basin to Greybull. At Greybull, US 16 and US 20 go south, while US 14 travels east to Shell, and the western slope of the Big Horn Mountains. The road ascends a windy path through steep Shell Canyon and rejoins US 14A at the top of the range at Burgess Junction. The road is designated as Bighorn Scenic Byway between Shell and Dayton on the eastern side of the mountain range. On the east side of the Bighorns, the road merges with Interstate 90 and travels southeast to Sheridan, Wyoming. From Sheridan, the road continues east, rejoining with US Route 16 near Clearmont. The roads travel across the Powder River Country to Gillette, Wyoming where it joins again with Interstate 90 to Moorcroft. From here, it diverges north from Interstate 90 briefly to junction with Wyoming Highway 24 with access to Devils Tower National Monument. US 14 turns south and rejoins Interstate 90 which it follows to the eastern border of Wyoming and South Dakota.


US 14 was originally planned to stop in Wall, South Dakota. In 1936, the road was extended to the Wyoming border and US 16 was rerouted through Newcastle and the old US 16 was re designated as US 14. Prior to 1940, US 14 followed the route currently serviced by US 14A through Lovell and Powell. In 1940, the highway took over Wyoming Highway 520 between Burgess Junction and Greybull, and the old road was renamed Wyoming Highway 14. Due to confusion, it was recommissioned as US 14A in 1965. In the 1960s portions of the highway in the eastern part of the state became Interstate 90.[3]

Major intersections[edit]

County Location mi km Destinations Notes
Park Wapiti 0.00 0.00 Yellowstone National Park gate Western end of US 16 and US 20 overlaps
Cody 49.38 79.47 WYO 291 south
51.96 83.62 US 14A east / WYO 120 north Western end of WYO 120 overlap
54.18 87.19 WYO 120 south Eastern end of WYO 120 overlap
Big Horn 85.12 136.99 WYO 30 east
Emblem 85.72 137.95 WYO 32 north
100.11 161.11 US 310 north / WYO 789 north Western end of WYO 789 overlap
Greybull 105.09 169.13 US 16 east / US 20 east / WYO 789 south Eastern end of US 16, US 20, and WYO 789 overlaps
Sheridan 152.49 245.41 US 14A west (Burgess Junction)
Dayton 179.30 288.56 WYO 343
Ranchester 185.14 297.95 WYO 345
185.49 298.52 I-90 west / US 87 north Western end of I-90 and US 87 overlaps
191.80 308.67 WYO 345 – Acme
193.52 311.44 WYO 339 – Decker, Mont.
Sheridan 198.10 318.81 I-90 Bus. east (Main Street)
200.33 322.40 WYO 330 (Fifth Street)
202.48 325.86 I-90 east / I-90 Bus. west / US 87 south – Sheridan, Big Horn Eastern end of I-90 and US 87 overlaps
229.92 370.02 US 16 west Western end of US 16 overlap
256.88 413.41 WYO 341 south
Campbell 304.38 489.85 WYO 59 north Western end of WYO 59 overlap
Gillette 308.17 495.95 WYO 50 south
309.19 497.59 WYO 59 south Eastern end of WYO 59 overlap
310.51 499.72 I-90 west Western end of I-90 overlap
311.52 501.34 Garner Lake Road
315.41 507.60 Wyodak Road
323.73 520.99 Rozet
Crook Moorcroft 335.90 540.58 I-90 begins / I-90 Bus. Eastern end of I-90 overlap; western end of BL 90 overlap
336.04 540.80 WYO 51 west
337.10 542.51 I-90 Bus. east / US 16 east Eastern end of BL 90 and US 16 overlaps
342.09 550.54 WYO 113 east
362.66 583.64 WYO 24 north To Devils Tower National Monument
Sundance 382.01 614.79 I-90 / I-90 Bus. begins Western end of BL 90 overlap
382.21 615.11 WYO 116 south
383.67 617.46 WYO 585 south
385.43 620.29 I-90 west / I-90 Bus. ends Eastern end of BL 90 overlap; western end of I-90 overlap
388.35 624.99 Moskee Road
395.74 636.88 WYO 111 north
Beulah 402.33 647.49 Beulah
403.57 649.48 I-90 east / US 14 east Continuation into South Dakota
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

Related route[edit]

U.S. Highway 14A
Location Cody – Burgess Junction
Length 103.01 mi[4] (165.78 km)
Existed 1936–present

U.S. Highway 14 Alternate is an alternate route for U.S. Highway 14 between Cody and Burgess Junction. At its west end in Cody, US 14 is concurrent with U.S. Highway 16 and U.S. Highway 20. West of Burgess Junction, US 14A passes through the Big Horn Mountains, reaching a maximum elevation of 9,430 ft (2,870 m). This portion of the road is closed during the winter months. The total length of US 14A is approximately 106 miles (171 km). Intermediate towns on the highway include Powell and Lovell. At Lovell, US 14A is concurrent with U.S. Highway 310 for approximately 3 miles (4.8 km).

In the initial 1925 plan, roughly the west half of present US 14 Alternate, from Cody to U.S. Highway 310 in Deaver, was assigned the number U.S. Highway 220.[5] However, two spurs of US 20 were added in Pennsylvania, and so US 220 became U.S. Highway 420 in the final 1926 plan.[6]

Around 1933, U.S. Highway 116 was extended west from Sheridan to Deaver, then absorbing US 420 to end at Cody. Soon after, it became part of an extended US 14.[citation needed] US 14 was shifted south to its present alignment in 1940, and the old alignment became Wyoming 14 for a while, and was recommissioned as US 14 Alternate around 1965.[7]


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