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U.S. Route 77 marker

U.S. Route 77
Route information
Maintained by ODOT
Length: 267.21 mi[1] (430.03 km)
Major junctions
South end: I-35 / US 77 at the Texas state line
North end: US-77 at the Kansas state line
Highway system
Oklahoma State Highway System
SH-76 SH-77H

In Oklahoma, U.S. Highway 77 runs north–south, paralleling Interstate 35, connecting Texas to Kansas and running for 267.21 miles (430.03 km) through the central part of the state. It passes through many major cities, including Ardmore, Oklahoma City and its suburbs, Guthrie, and Ponca City. It has four lettered spur routes.

US-77 was the first highway in Oklahoma to be paved entirely across the state from border to border. It has been a paved roadway since 1930.

Route description[edit]

US-77 enters the state along with I-35 but splits off at the first exit in Oklahoma. Four miles later, it passes through Thackerville. It junctions with State Highway 32 on the west side of Marietta.

North of Marietta, US-77 passes to the west of Lake Murray and its state park. It then enters Carter County and Ardmore, where it is named Commerce Street through the city limits over a four-lane divided thoroughfare that includes frontage roads on each side from just south of SH-199 (West Broadway) to NW 12th Street much like a freeway or expressway, though all intersections on Commerce are at-grade.

US 77 in Ardmore, north of SH-199

North of Ardmore, US-77 continues as a four-lane divided highway to Springer. It crosses State Highway 53 south of Springer. North of Springer, US-77 reverts to a two-lane highway and enters the Arbuckle Mountains, providing access to Turner Falls and having some hairpin curves over a section of roadway paved and constructed in the 1920s using prison labor from the Oklahoma State Penitentiary in McAlester. It then passes through Davis (where it has a brief concurrency with State Highway 7. North of Davis, it passes through unincorporated Joy and passes through Wynnewood, where it carries State Highway 29. It then passes through Pauls Valley, Paoli, and Wayne. Next, it enters Purcell, where it concurs with State Highway 39 and 74.

US-77 and SH-39 split off SH-74 to head eastbound along Washington St. in downtown Purcell. Together, they cross the James C. Nance Memorial Bridge into Lexington, where SH-39 splits off. It then heads through Slaughterville and Noble before entering Norman.

A major reconstruction on US-77 through Norman completed in April 2009 has realigned US-77 to 12th Avenue East from SH-9 to Tecumseh Road, then west along Tecumseh Road to Flood Avenue, and finally north along Flood Avenue until it merges onto Northbound Interstate-35, the interchange of US-77 and Interstate-35 was modernized and upgraded as part of the widening to six lanes of Interstate-35 to Norman. It formerly ran through downtown Norman along Classen Boulevard, Porter Avenue then west along Robinson Street to Flood Avenue. The north–south section of the new alignment along 12th Avenue was previously flagged as SH-77H.[2]

US 77 north, concurrent with I-235, in Oklahoma City

I-35 and US-77 remain together until the Fort Smith Junction in downtown Oklahoma City, where it transfers onto Interstate 235. At Interstate 44, I-235 ends, but US-77 continues northbound as a freeway, called the Broadway Extension. The Broadway Extension is a major freeway linking the downtown area to Edmond. In Edmond, it heads east to meet I-35, which it joins again until Guthrie, where it splits off.

In Guthrie, US-77 meets State Highway 33. It continues northbound to serve as the eastern terminus of State Highway 164 and turns eastward toward Perry. After passing the north end of State Highway 86, it turns back northward and has a half-interchange with the Cimarron Turnpike. It then carries State Highway 15 for four miles (6 km). At Tonkawa, it begins a wrong-way concurrency with U.S. Highway 177 and U.S. Highway 60. It splits off to the north to head through Ponca City and Newkirk, before crossing over the Kansas line towards Arkansas City, Kansas.


US-77 has followed Commerce entirely through the Ardmore city limits since 1950 when that thoroughfare was built in its current form as an early bypass along what was then Ardmore's west side to provide a straighter route for through traffic and relieve downtown traffic congestion, replacing the original US-77 route in Ardmore which followed Broadway east from Commerce to "E" Street, north on "E" Street to 12th and west on 12th back to Commerce before proceeding north on Commerce out of the city.



State Highway 153
Location: Thackerville
Length: 0.50 mi[3] (0.80 km)

State Highway 153 (abbreviated SH-153) is a short state highway in Love County, Oklahoma. At 0.50 miles (0.80 km),[3] it is the shortest non-suffixed state highway in Oklahoma. SH-153 connects U.S. Highway 77 in Thackerville, Oklahoma to Interstate 35 at mile marker 5. It has no lettered spur routes.

Browse numbered routes
SH-152 SH-153 SH-156


State Highway 77C
Location: Purcell
Length: 0.47 mi[4] (0.76 km)

State Highway 77C is an unsigned route through Purcell.


State Highway 77D
Location: Murray County
Length: 10.30 mi[5] (16.58 km)

State Highway 77D is a Y-shaped spur route through the Turner Falls area. The main branch of SH-77D begins at US-77 south of Davis, north of I-35. It crosses under I-35 twice before ending at the Falls Creek Baptist Conference Center. It also provides access to Price Falls.[6]


State Highway 77H
Location: NormanOklahoma City
Length: 9.07 mi[7][8] (14.60 km)

State Highway 77H begins at Tecumseh Road and follows 12th Avenue N.E. through Norman, then turns into Sooner Road in Moore. The highway ends at I-240 in Oklahoma City.


State Highway 77S
Location: Lake Murray State Park and vicinity
Length: 30.04 mi[3][9] (48.34 km)

State Highway 77S lies in Love County and Carter County, serving Lake Murray. It has four termini. The main segment of the highway is U-shaped, with its northwestern terminus in Ardmore in Carter County, then heading south to intersect US-70, and running west of Lake Murray. It crosses into Love County, encircling the south shores of the lake before turning north again, re-entering Carter County, with its northeastern terminus at US-70.

Two other segments of SH-77S connect the main loop with other nearby highways. One runs along the Love–Carter county line, connecting to I-35 at exit 24 (serving as the main access road to Lake Murray State Park), as well as US-77. The other runs south to SH-32 east of Marietta.

Junction list[edit]

County Location mi[10] km Exit Destinations Notes
Red River 0.0 0.0 I-35 / US 77 continues south into Texas
Love 1.0 1.6 1 I-35 Northern terminus of I-35 concurrency
Thackerville 5.3 8.5 SH-153 Western terminus of SH-153
Marietta 15.5 24.9 SH-32 Southern terminus of SH-32 concurrency
15.6 25.1 SH-32 Northern terminus of SH-32 concurrency
Carter Ardmore 29.8 48.0 US-70
32.2 51.8 SH-199
34.2 55.0 SH-142
Springer 41.1 66.1 SH-53
Murray 48.0 77.2 I-35 I-35 exit 47
SH-77D Southwestern terminus of SH-77D
52.4 84.3 I-35 I-35 exit 51
SH-77D Northwestern terminus of SH-77D
Davis 56.2 90.4 SH-7 Western terminus of SH-7 concurrency
56.6 91.1 SH-7 Eastern terminus of SH-7 concurrency
county line
65.5 105.4 SH-17A Eastern terminus of SH-17A
Garvin Wynnewood 67.0 107.8 SH-29 Eastern terminus of SH-29 concurrency
69.0 111.0 SH-29 Western terminus of SH-29 concurrency
Pauls Valley 75.5 121.5 SH-19 Eastern terminus of SH-19 concurrency
75.7 121.8 SH-19 Western terminus of SH-19 concurrency
Paoli 83.0 133.6 SH-145 Eastern terminus of SH-145
McClain Wayne 90.0 144.8 SH-59
Purcell 96.1 154.7 SH-74 Southern terminus of SH-74 concurrency
97.0 156.1 SH-39 Southern terminus of SH-39 concurrency
96.1 154.7 SH-74 Northern terminus of SH-74 concurrency
Cleveland Lexington 99.4 160.0 SH-39 Northern terminus of SH-39 concurrency
Norman 113.0 181.9 SH-9 Parclo interchange
113.8 183.1 SH-77H Southern terminus of SH-77H
121.3 195.2 113 I-35 Southbound exit from I-35 and northbound entrance only, southern terminus of I-35 concurrency
Moore 114 Indian Hill Road
116 S. 19th Street
124.8 200.8 117 SH-37 (S. 4th Street) / Main Street, N. 5th Street Signed only for SH-37 (S. 4th Street) southbound
118 N. 12th Street, Main Street, N. 5th Street Signed only for N. 12th Street northbound
119A Shields Boulevard Northbound exit and southbound entrance
119B N. 27th Street
Oklahoma City 120 S.E. 89th Street
Oklahoma 121A S.E. 82nd Street Southbound exit and northbound entrance
121B I-240 / US-62 / SH-3 Southern terminus of US-62 concurrency
122A S.E. 66th Street No northbound entrance
122B S.E. 59th Street
123A S.E. 51st Street No northbound entrance
123B S.E. 44th Street No southbound entrance
124A Grand Boulevard
124B S.E. 29th Street, S.E. 25th Street Signed as exit 125A southbound
125B S.E. 15th Street Signed as exit 125D southbound
126 I-35 / I-40 / I-235 / US-62 / US-270 Northern terminus of I-35/US-62 concurrency, southern terminus of I-235 concurrency
1C Sheridan Avenue west – Downtown Northbound exit and southbound entrance
1D Lincoln Boulevard – Oklahoma Health Center, State Capitol Northbound exit and southbound entrance
1E Harrison Avenue – Downtown Northbound exit and southbound entrance
1F N. 6th Street west – Downtown Southbound exit and northbound entrance
1G N. 10th Street – Oklahoma Health Center Southbound exit and northbound entrance
2A N. 23rd Street, N. Santa Fe Avenue Northbound exit and southbound entrance
2B N. 23rd Street, Broadway Avenue – State Capitol Southbound exit and northbound entrance
3 N. 36th Street
Santa Fe Avenue, N. 50th Street
I-44 (SH-66) Northern terminus of I-235 concurrency
N.W. 63rd Street
Wilshire Boulevard – Nichols Hills
Britton Road
Hefner Road – Lake Hefner
N.E. 122nd Street
Kilpatrick Turnpike No southbound exit to Kilpatrick Turnpike eastbound
Memorial Road, Kelly Avenue North end of freeway
Edmond 141 I-35 / SH-66 Southern terminus of I-35 concurrency
142 Danforth Road
143 Covell Road
146 Waterloo Road
Logan 151 Seward Road
Guthrie 153 I-35 Northern terminus of I-35 concurrency
SH-74C Eastern terminus of SH-74C
SH-51 Southern terminus of SH-51 concurrency
SH-51 Northern terminus of SH-51 concurrency
Noble SH-164 Eastern terminus of SH-164
Perry I-35 I-35 exit 185
SH-86 Northern terminus of SH-86
US-64 Western terminus of US-64 concurrency
US-64 Eastern terminus of US-64 concurrency
SH-15 Southern terminus of SH-15 concurrency
SH-15 Northern terminus of SH-15 concurrency
SH-156 Southern terminus of SH-156
Kay Tonkawa
US-60 Bus.
Southern terminus of US-60 Bus. concurrency

US-60 / US-60 Bus.
Western terminus of US-60 Bus., western terminus of US-60 concurrency

US-177 / US-60 Bus.
Western terminus of US-177 concurrency, eastern terminus of US-60 Bus.
SH-156 Northern terminus of SH-156

US-60 Bus.
Western terminus of US-60 Bus.
Ponca City US-60 / US-177 Eastern terminus of US-60 / US-177 concurrency

US-60 Bus.
Eastern terminus of US-60 Bus.
SH-11 Southern terminus of SH-11 concurrency
SH-11 Northern terminus of SH-11 concurrency
Oklahoma–Kansas state line US-77 continues north into Kansas
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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