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USA Broomball is the official United States governing body recognized by the International Federation of Broomball Associations (IFBA). The organization is responsible for sanctioning tournaments and leagues, training and certifying officials, and recognizing broomball governing bodies for individual states in the USA.

USA Broomball also organizes and oversees the annual National Championship tournament, held in Minnesota in odd-numbered years and in a different state with a recognized state organization in even-numbered years. National championships were contested in Men's Class A, Men's Class B, Men's Class C, Men's Class D, Co-Rec, and Collegiate divisions in 2007. USA Broomball takes responsibility for placing teams in the appropriate division and teams are not allowed to pick up players from higher-division teams for the National Championships.

States with currently recognized broomball governing bodies[edit]

National Championships Sites[edit]

2016 National Championship Results[edit]

  • Men's Class A: Champions - Barrie's Tavern
  • Runners-up - Nomadic Horde
  • Men's Class B: Champions - Watkins Legion
  • Runners-up - Minnesota Bombers
  • Men's Class C: Champions - OG's
  • Runners-up - Dayton Bombers
  • Men's Class D: Champions - Champion Awards
  • Runners-up - University of Nebraska
  • Men's Collegiate: Champions - Miami University
  • Women's Class A: Champions - Arctic Blast
  • Runners-up - Tracy's
  • Women's Class B: Champions - Broomstormers
  • Runners-up - Flying V's
  • Co-Rec A: Champions - Revels Repair
  • Runners-up - Old Town Tavern
  • Co-Rec B: Champions - Bi-Partisans
  • Runners-up - Kutters

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