United States Curling Association

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USA Curling
USA Curling logo.svg
Sport Curling
Jurisdiction United States of America
Founded 1958
Affiliation World Curling Federation
Headquarters 5525 Clem's Way, Stevens Point, Wisconsin 54482
Chairman Rich Lepping
Official website
United States

The United States Curling Association (USA Curling) is the national governing body of the sport of curling in the United States. The goal of the USCA is to grow the sport of curling in the United States and win medals in competitions both domestic and abroad. Curling’s recent popularity has swelled the USCA to 165 curling clubs and 16,500 curlers in the United States.[1] The United States Olympic men's curling teams have seen success in recent years, most notably winning the gold medal at the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, led by skip John Shuster.[2] The men's team also captured the bronze medal in the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin under the guidance of skip Pete Fenson.[3]

List of clubs[edit]

Regional Associations[edit]

USA Curling member clubs are organized into eleven regional curling associations.[4]

Championship Events[edit]

The United States Curling Association typically holds ten national championship events each season.[5]


The United States Curling Association is sponsored by corporate partners such as Nike, AIT Worldwide Logistics, Digital Schools, Brooms Up Curling Supplies and bitRail.

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