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USA Discounters, Ltd.
Norfolk, Virginia, United States
Area served
United States Edit this on Wikidata

USA Discounters, Ltd. (d/b/a USA Living[1] and Fletcher's Jewelers[2]) is an American retail company based in Norfolk, Virginia, United States. USA Discounters has been in business since 1991.[3]


Collection Practices

In a July 2014 article, it was reported that USA Discounters seizes the pay of more active-duty military than any other company in the country, according to Department of Defense payroll data obtained by ProPublica.[3]

USA Discounters issued a press release refuting the article, stating just "1%" of their military customers are subject to wage garnishment after all other actions are exhausted.[4][5]

Name change

In October 2014, USA Discounters announced a name change to "USA Living",[6] however the name change was a store branding change only for the "USA Discounters" and "Fletcher's Jewelers" locations and the company's official name remained the same.[7]


In August 2015, USA Discounters filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy[7] and began closing stores."[8]

Official investigations

The company has been the target of investigations and official actions by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau,[9] the Colorado Attorney General,[10] and the North Carolina Attorney General.[11][12]


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