USA Rink Hockey National Championship

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USA Rink Hockey National Championship
CountryUnited States United States
Number of teams5
Level on pyramid1
Current championsOlympia Warriors (13)
Most championshipsOlympia Warriors (13)

The USA Rink Hockey National Championship is the biggest Roller Hockey Clubs Championship in United States. In the U.S., the sport is largely owned by roller rink operators. The sport suffers stateside since players are mostly made up of operator's family members and a gaggle of childhood friends. Since the sport transitioned to the United States in the 1960s, teams and players competing in the United States have waned as roller rinks continue to close nationwide. Teams are often completed by tapping skaters from ice or inline hockey who are willing to give it a go and round out teams at U.S. nationals; many playing on inline skates. The sport is struggling in the U.S. due to the lack of public access to the sport found in other countries where the sport continues to grow. In contrast to other countries, the U.S. players and teams are managed and vetted by roller rink operators and their families. This practice explains the recurring players, teams, and regions who compete each year, and the loss of total number of teams since the 1960s and 1970s.

USA National Championship[edit]

Participated Teams in the last Season[edit]

The clubs that competed in the season of 2017 were:

  • Utica thunderbirds
  • Bremerton Hurricanes
  • Salem, Oregon
  • [Burlington Spartans]
  • Olympia Warriors
  • Lubbock Phoenix
  • Decatur Knights
  • San Angelo Aces
  • Alaska Snow Devils
  • Cumberland raiders
  • Bowie marauders

List of Winners[edit]

Year Champion
2013 Burlington Spartans
2012 Olympia Warriors
2011 Olympia Warriors
2010 Olympia Warriors
2009 Olympia Warriors
2008 Olympia Warriors
2007 Merced Knights
2006 Cumberland
2005 Cumberland
2004 Olympia Warriors
2003 Boyertown Ph.
2002 Olympia Warriors
2001 Olympia Warriors
2000 Olympia Warriors
1999 Olympia Warriors
1998 Olympia Warriors
1997 Cumberland
1996 Bremerton Hurricanes
1995 Bremerton Hurricanes
1994 Boyertown Ph.
1993 Port Neches
1992 Port Neches
1991 Port Neches
1990 Port Neches
1989 Port Neches
1988 Glendora Hustlers
1987 Port Neches
1986 Glendora Hustlers
1985 Sacramento
1984 Cumberland
1983 Cumberland
1982 Cumberland
1981 Lubbock Ghosts
1980 Cumberland
1979 Lubbock Ghosts
1978 Boyertown Ph.
1977 Lubbock Ghosts
1976 Lubbock Ghosts
1975 Cumberland
1974 Glendora Hustlers
1973 Cumberland
1972 Lubbock Ghosts
1971 Lubbock Ghosts
1970 Lubbock Ghosts
1969 Knight Hawks of Port Neches
1968 Knight Hawks of Port Neches
1967 Knight Hawks of Port Neches
1966 Knight Hawks of Port Neches
1965 Angels
1964 Lubbock Ghosts
1963 Lubbock Ghosts
1962 Lubbock Ghosts
1961 Lubbock Ghosts

Number of Championships by team[edit]

Team Number of Champions
Olympia Warriors 13
Lubbock Ghosts 11
Cumberland 9
Port Neches and Knight Hawks of Port Neches 10
Boyertown Phoenix 3
Glendora Hustlers 3
Bremeton Hurricanes 3
Merced Knights 1
Sacramento 1
Angels 1

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