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An Issue of USA Weekend. The top blank bar features a reproduction of the carrying newspaper's masthead.

USA Weekend was the second largest[1] national weekend newspaper magazine distributed through more than 800+ newspapers in the United States and was published and owned by Gannett Company as a sister publication to USA Today.[2] The magazine's focus was on social issues, entertainment, health, food and travel.[2] The magazine provided Newspaper In Education classroom guides to partner newspapers.[3] The main competitor for USA Weekend was Advance Publications's Parade[1][4][5] and some individual newspaper magazines such as The New York Times Magazine.[5] Most Gannett newspapers by default carried USA Weekend within their papers.

The publication incorporated Family Weekly,[1] a supplement started in 1953, but they considered 1985, the date of Gannett's purchase and re-titling, to be the date of its founding for anniversary purposes.[6]

On December 5, 2014 Gannett announced that the USA Weekend supplement would cease as of the December 26–28, 2014 supplement.[7][8] Mounting costs and reduced ad revenue were reported as the cause of the shutdown.[1][5][9][10] Since 2015 Parade became the only weekend newspaper magazine still publishing.


Columns and contributors included:

Other notable contributors included Ken Burns, Steve and Cokie Roberts, and Tavis Smiley.

Make A Difference Day[edit]

USA Weekend's Make A Difference Day, created by the magazine in 1992, is an annual community service event held on the fourth Saturday of October. At the 2013 event, 14 community groups were awarded $10,000 to donate to their local charities.[11]


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