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ParentIndependent (1988-1990)
YEA (1990-present)

USBands (formally United States Scholastic Band Association[1] or USSBA) was formed in the Fall of 1988 to provide high school band programs with a competitive circuit featuring top judges from across the continent and a venue for the US Scholastic Band Championship. It is currently operated by Youth Education in the Arts.

USBands membership consists of over 700 participating high school marching bands. Annually, bands are offered over 150 festival opportunities and invitations to compete at major Regional Championships and the US Scholastic Band Championship. Bands are classified by size, with Group 1 being the smallest and Group 6 being the largest, and by skill level. The A Class is for inexperienced bands, new bands, and bands that have recently moved to a larger size group. The Open class for established programs. This results in twelve groups ranging from Group I A to Group VI Open, performing and competing with other bands of like size and talent. USBands has started to support competitive indoor events as well as cooperative fundraising opportunities. In the winter of 2012, USSBA changed their name to USBands.


The USBands allows their bands to classify themselves into three groups in:

  • Festival Class - Ensembles who prefer a non-competitive experience at any USBands sanctioned event.
  • A Class - Ensembles who demonstrate a basic to intermediate skill set (may be building/rebuilding their program) and are adjudicated on a scale representing fundamental to intermediate skills.
  • Open Class - Seasoned ensembles that demonstrate expanded skill sets and are adjudicated on a scale supporting intermediate to advanced skills.

Group Size[edit]

Bands are grouped by the number of members on the field. This count includes playing members, auxiliary, and command personnel drum majors. Group sizes are as follows (new class size breaks for 2016):

  • Group I - 1 to 38 members (Texas: 1-45)
  • Group II - 39 to 53 members (Texas: 46-80)
  • Group III - 54 to 70 members (Texas: 81-115)
  • Group IV - 71 to 95 members (Texas: 116-160)
  • Group V - 96 to 130 members (Texas: 161-200)
  • Group VI -131 and more members (Texas: 201+)[2]


Past USBands Open Class Champions[edit]

Year Group 1-Open Group 2-Open Group 3-Open Group 4-Open Group 5-Open Group 6-Open
2018 Burlington City HS

(Burlington, NJ) 94.463

Shepherd Hill Reg HS

(Dudley, MA) 95.288

Calvert Hall College HS

(Baltimore, MD) 93.750

Edison HS

(Edison, NJ) 97.580

Dartmouth HS

(Dartmouth, MA) 98.075

Norwalk HS

(Norwalk, CT) 95.575

2017 Burlington City HS

(Burlington, NJ) 95.425

Shepherd Hill Reg HS

(Dudley, MA) 96.400

Calvert Hall College HS

(Baltimore, MD) 96.588

Newtown HS

(Newtown, CT) 97.363

Dartmouth HS

(Dartmouth, MA) 98.350

Norwalk HS

(Norwalk, CT) 97.775

2016 Joseph Case HS

(Swansea, MA) 96.475

Calvert Hall College HS

(Baltimore, MD) 96.875

King Philip Regional HS

(Wrentham, MA) 97.438

Blackstone-Millville HS (Blackstone, MA) 97.425 Dartmouth HS

(Dartmouth, MA) 97.063

Trumbull HS

(Trumbull, CT) 97.100

2015 East Stroudsburg HS North (Dingmans Ferry, PA) 95.538 Shepherd Hill Reg HS

(Dudley, NJ) 96.100

King Philip Regional HS

(Wrentham, MA) 95.788

Blackstone-Millville HS (Blackstone, MA) 96.963 Mechanicsburg HS

(Mechanicsburg, PA) 97.363

Norwin HS

(Irwin, PA) 97.200

2014 Haddon Heights HS

(Haddon Heights, NJ) 94.450

Lenape Regional HS (Medford, NJ) 96.425 Edison HS

(Edison, NJ) 98.300

Nazareth Area HS

(Nazareth, PA) 97.975

North Penn HS

(Lansdale, PA) 97.95

Norwalk HS

(Norwalk, CT) 97.375

2013 Haddon Heights HS

(Haddon Heights, NJ) 90.25

Edison HS

(Edison, NJ) 95.738

King Philip Regional HS (Wrentham, MA) 96.138 Smithfield-Selma HS

(Smithfield, NC) 96.875

Dartmouth HS

(Dartmouth, MA) 96.6

West Genesee HS

(Camillus, NY) 95.687

2012 Cedar Cliff HS

(Camp Hill, PA) 92.288

Susquehanna Twp HS

(Harrisburg, PA) 96.8

Old Bridge HS

(Old Bridge, NJ) 96.375

King Philip Regional HS(Wrentham, MA) 97.075 Immaculata HS

(Somerville, NJ) 96.587

Wagner HS

(San Antonio, TX) 97.288

2011 Monsignor Farrell HS

(Staten Island, NY) 93.650

Frank W. Cox HS

(Virginia Beach,VA) 95.7

Montville Twp

(Montville, NJ) 97.588

North Penn HS

(Lansdale, PA) 96.938

Dartmouth HS

(Dartmouth, MA) 98.225

Munford HS

(Munford, TN) 98.013

2010 Perkiomen Valley HS

(Collegeville, PA) 96.063

Williamstown HS(Williamstown, NJ) 97.06 Rancocas Valley Reg HS (Mount Holly, NJ) 97.875 Nazareth Area HS

(Nazareth, PA) 97.400

Dartmouth HS (Dartmouth) 98.55 George Walton HS (Marietta, GA) 97.650
2009 Perkiomen Valley HS

(Collegeville, PA) 97.35

Timber Creek Reg HS

(Sicklerville, NJ) 97.163

Rancocas Valley Reg HS

(Mount Holly, NJ) 97.2

King Philip Regional HS

(Wrentham, MA) 97.45

Dartmouth HS

(Dartmouth, MA) 97.813

Roxbury HS

(Roxbury, NJ) 98.188

2008 Biglerville HS

(Biglerville, PA) 93.92

River Hill HS

(Clarksville, MD) 98.25

Cedar Cliff HS

(Camp Hill, PA) 96.9

Nazareth Area HS

(Nazareth, PA) 98.575

Dartmouth HS (Dartmouth, MA) 98.275 Immaculata HS

(Somerville, NJ) 96.05

2007 Deptford Township HS

(Deptford Twp, NJ) 93.35

Century HS

(Sykesville, MD) 96.3

River Hill HS

(Clarksville, MD) 95.55

Nazareth Area HS

(Nazareth, PA) 97.5

Upper Darby HS

(Upper Darby, PA) 96.425

2006 Fluvanna County HS

(Palmyra, VA ) 94.675

Shawnee HS

(Medford, NJ) 94.675

Waterford HS

(Waterford, CT) 95.85

Absegami HS

(Galloway, NJ) 96.9

Cheshire HS

(Cheshire, CT) 95.8

North Penn HS

(Lansdale, PA) 98.475

2005 Shawnee HS

(Medford, NJ)

Cheshire HS

(Cheshire, CT) 97.15

North Penn HS

(Lansdale, PA) 97.150

2004 McLean HS

(McLean, VA) 92.85

2003 Nazareth Area HS

(Nazareth, PA) 98.0

2002 Union HS

(Union, NJ) 95.700

2001 Upper Moreland HS

(Willow Grove, PA) 95.200

2000 Nazareth Area HS

(Nazareth, PA) 96.3

North Penn HS

(Lansdale, PA) 97.500

1999 Brick Memorial HS

(Brick, NJ) 93.60

King Philip Regional HS (Wrentham, MA) 96.900 Cheshire HS

(Cheshire, CT) 95.000

North Penn HS

(Lansdale, PA) 96.900

1998 King Philip Regional HS (Wrentham, MA)97.4
1997 Gov Livingston HS

(Berkeley Heights, NJ)

& Waterford HS

(Waterford, CT) 90.90

Nazareth Area HS

(Nazareth, PA) 95.500

Immaculata HS

(Somerville, NJ) 95.1

North Penn HS

(Lansdale, PA) 97.200

1996 Chatham HS

(Chatham Twp, NJ) 86.700

Central Regional HS

(Bayville, NJ) 91.3

Piscataway HS

(Piscataway Twp, NJ) 95.90

1995 King Philip Regional HS

(Wrentham, MA)

North Penn HS

(Lansdale, PA) 95.800

1994 Morris Knolls HS

(Rockaway, NJ)

Piscataway HS

(Piscataway Twp, NJ)

1993 Piscataway HS

(Piscataway Twp, NJ)

1992 Piscataway HS

(Piscataway Twp, NJ)

1991 Piscataway HS

(Piscataway Twp, NJ)

1990 Piscataway HS

(Piscataway Twp, NJ)

Past USBands A Class Champions[edit]

Year Group 1A Group 2A Group 3A Group 4A Group 5A Group 6A
2018 Somerset-Berkley Reg HS

(Somerset, MA) 94.400

Montville Township HS

(Montville, NJ) 94.438

Thomas S Wootton HS

(Rockville, MD) 97.275

Loudoun County HS

(Leesburg, VA) 97.512

West Milford HS

(W. Milford, NJ) 93.650

New Providence HS

(New Providence, NJ) 94.262

2017 Weehawken HS (Weehawken, NJ) 92.113 Lenape Valley Reg HS(Stanhope, NJ) 93.313 Pequannock Twp HS(Pompton Plains, NJ) 95.08 South County HS

(Lorton, VA) 97.563

Cicero-N Syracuse HS (Cicero, NY) 94.625 Jackson Memorial HS (Jackson, NJ) 92.375
2016 Delran HS

(Delran Twp, NJ) 96.763

Bethel HS

(Bethel, CT) 96.813

Audubon HS

(Audubon, NJ) 96.013

Council Rock HS-South

(Southampton, PA) 96.175

West Orange HS

(W.Orange, NJ) 96.638

New Providence HS

(New Providence, NJ) 95.838

2015 Somerset Berkley Reg HS (Somerset, MA) 97.425 Kingsway Reg HS (Woolwich Twp,NJ)97.00 Montville Twp HS

(Montville, NJ) 96.663

Parsippany HS

(Parsippany, NJ) 96.638

Westfield HS

(Westfield, NJ) 96.738

New Providence HS

(New Providence, NJ) 96.950

2014 Joseph Case HS

(Swansea, MA) 96.601

Wayne Valley HS

(Wayne, NJ) 93.663

Union HS

(Union, NJ) 91.213

Northern Highlands Reg HS (Allendale,NJ) 97.400 Cherokee HS

(Mariton, NJ) 92.188

Scotch Plains-Fanwood HS (Scotch Plains, NJ) 92.875
2013 Weehawken HS (Weekawken, NJ) 96.163 Monroe Township HS(Monroe Twp, NJ) 95.613 North Warren Reg HS(Blairstown, NJ) 96.425 Absegami HS

(Galloway, NJ) 95.163

Elizabeth HS

(Elizabeth, NJ) 95.987

Jackson Memorial HS

(Jackson, NJ) 96.300

2012 Joseph Case HS

(Swansea, MA) 94.975

Chopticon HS

(Morganza, MD) 97.088

Northern Highlands Reg

(Allendale, NJ) 96.125

Passaic HS

(Passaic, NJ) 96.263

Elizabeth HS

(Elizabeth, NJ) 97.100

New Providence HS

(New Providence, NJ) 96.300

2011 Joseph Case HS

(Swansea, MA) 94.163

Lenape Regional HS (Medford, NJ) 96.413 Perkiomen Valley HS (Collegeville, PA) 96.588 Madison County HS(Danielsville, GA) 95.35 Elizabeth HS

(Elizabeth, NJ) 97.413

New Providence HS

(New Providence, NJ) 96.438

2010 Joseph Case HS (Swansea, MA)
2009 Joseph Case HS

(Swansea, MA)

2008 Lenape Regional HS

(Medford, NJ)

2007 Lenape Regional HS

(Medford, NJ)

2005 Elizabeth HS[4](Elizabeth, NJ)
2004 Lenape Regional HS

(Medford, NJ)

2003 Elizabeth HS

(Elizabeth, NJ)

1999 Morris Knolls HS

(Rockaway, NJ)

Somerville High School, Somerville NJ 90.15
1996 Parsippany HS

(Parsippany, NJ)

1994 Parsippany HS

(Parsippany, NJ)

1990 Parsippany HS

(Parsippany, NJ)


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