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USERN Prize Medal

USERN prize is an international award, established by USERN which is annually bestowed on scientists or researchers less than 40 years of age operating in the top 1% of their field and for a significant advancement or achievement in scientific education, research, or serving the humanity in five scientific fields including medical sciences, life sciences, formal sciences, physical sciences, and social sciences.[1][2][3]

Laureates 2016[edit]

Floris De Lange (Netherlands) in Social Sciences

For: Expectation sharpens the visual response

Alexander Leemans (Belgium/Netherlands) in Medical Sciences

For: Processing and Visualization in Diffusion Imaging

Jamshid Aghaei (Iran) in Physical Sciences

For: Evaluating Technical Benefits and Risks of Renewable Energy Sources Increasing Penetration in Electrical Networks

Morteza Mahmoudi (Iran/USA) in Biological Sciences

For: Defining the Biological Identity of Nanotherapeutics for High Yield Cancer Therapy

Lucas Joppa (USA) in Formal Sciences

For: Technology for Nature[4][5][6]

Laureates 2017[edit]

Matjaž Perc (Slovenia) in Social Sciences

For: Transitions Towards Cooperation in Human Societies

Lucina Qazi Uddin (USA) in Medical Sciences

For: Brain Dynamics and Flexible Behavior in Autism and Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity

Maria-Magdalena Titirici (UK) in Physical Sciences

For: The Design of Efficient and Low Cost Electrocatalysts Catalysts Without the Use of Critical Metals

Valentina Cauda (Italy) in Biological Sciences

For: Hybrid Immune-Eluding Nanocrystals as Smart and Active Theranostic Weapons Against Cancer -TrojaNanoHorse

Manlio De Domenico (Italy) in Formal Sciences

For: Multilayer Structure and Dynamics of the Physical World: Modeling the Complexity of Systems of Systems[7][8]


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