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The USOC Athlete of the Year awards are presented on an annual basis by the United States Olympic Committee to athletes who have distinguished themselves in one of the Olympic or Paralympic sports. Awards are presented to the Olympic or Paralympic SportsMan of the Year, SportsWoman of the Year, and Team of the Year.

Nominees for each award are submitted by the national governing bodies of Olympic, Paralympic, and Pan American Games sports, and by their affiliated able-bodied and disabled sports organizations. Winners are selected by a vote of the USOC awards committee, consisting of USOC representatives, media representatives, and Olympic athletes.

The SportsMan and SportsWoman of the Year awards were first presented in 1974; the Team of the Year award was added in 1996 and the Paralympian of the Year award was added in 2004.

SportsMan of the Year[edit]

SportsWoman of the Year[edit]

Team of the Year[edit]

  • 1996 — Women’s National/Olympic Basketball Team
  • 1997 — Women’s National Soccer Team
  • 1998 — Women’s Olympic Ice Hockey Team
  • 1999 — Women’s National Soccer Team
  • 2000 — USA Baseball Olympic Team
  • 2001 — US Postal Service Cycling Team
  • 2002 — Women’s Bobsled Team (Jill Bakken and Vonetta Flowers)
  • 2003 — Women’s Gymnastics Team
  • 2004 — U.S. Olympic Softball Team
  • 2005 — Men’s Badminton Doubles Team (T. Gunawan, H. Bach)
  • 2006 — U.S. Olympic Men’s Curling Team
  • 2007 — U.S. Women's World Championships Gymnastics
  • 2008 — U.S. Olympic Men’s Indoor Volleyball Team
  • 2009 — U.S. Four-Man Bobsled Team (Steven Holcomb, Steve Mesler, Justin Olsen, Curt Tomasevicz)
  • 2010 — U.S. Four-Man Bobsled Team (Steven Holcomb, Justin Olsen, Steve Mesler, Curt Tomasevicz)
  • 2011-12 — Women’s Eight Rowing Team
  • 2012-13 — Men's Tennis Doubles Team (B. Bryan, M. Bryan)

Paralympian of the Year[edit]

"These prestigious awards recognize the outstanding contributions these athletes have made to Olympic and Paralympic sport as well as the positive example they have set for all Americans,” said USOC Chief Executive Officer Jim Scherr. “Each of our winners exemplifies great sportsmanship and strength of character both on and off the field, and all are worthy additions to the distinguished list of past recipients."

Paralympic SportsMan of the Year[edit]

  • 2009 — Steve Cash, sled hockey
  • 2010 — Taylor Chace, sled hockey
  • 2011-12 — Raymond Martin, track & field
  • 2012-13 — Raymond Martin, track & field

Paralympic SportsWoman of the Year[edit]

Paralympic Team of the Year[edit]

  • 2009 — U.S. National Sled Hockey Team
  • 2010 — U.S. Paralympic Sled Hockey Team
  • 2011-12 — Men’s Quad Doubles Tennis Team
  • 2012-13 — U.S. Men's 4x100-Meter Relay Team

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