USS Annabelle (SP-1206)

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Motorboat Annabelle.jpg
Annabelle (or Anna Belle) probably as a private motorboat sometime between 1898 and 1917.
United States
Name: USS Annabelle or Anna Belle
Namesake: Previous name retained
Builder: John Archie
Completed: 1898
Acquired: 15 June 1917
Commissioned: 16 August 1917
Fate: Returned to owner 20 December 1918
Notes: Operated as private motorboat Annabelle or Anna Belle 1898-1917 and from 1918
General characteristics
Type: Patrol vessel
Tonnage: 8 gross tons
Length: 37 ft 11 in (11.56 m)
Beam: 11 ft 0 in (3.35 m)
Draft: 3 ft 6 in (1.07 m) aft
Speed: 8 miles per hour[1]
Complement: 5
Armament: 1 × 1-pounder gun

USS Annabelle (SP-1206), also spelled Anna Belle, was a United States Navy patrol vessel in commission from 1917 to 1918.

Annabelle was built in 1898 as a private motorboat of the same name by John Archie. On 15 June 1917, the U.S. Navy chartered her from her owner, Mr. W. J. Mathewes of Chincoteague, Virginia, for use as a section patrol vessel during World War I. She was commissioned as USS Annabelle or Anna Belle (SP-1206) on 16 August 1917.

Assigned to the 5th Naval District, Annabelle served on section patrol duties in the Norfolk, Virginia-Hampton Roads area until returned to Matthewes on 20 December 1918.


  1. ^ The Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships at and NavSource Online at give Annabelle's speed as 8 miles per hour, implying statute miles per hour, an unusual unit of measure for the speed of a watercraft. It is possible that her speed actually was 8 knots. If 8 statute miles per hour is accurate, the equivalent in knots is 7.